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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bloody, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Bloody Guest

    It's a major pain to change your login(username) so if that is really necessary you'll have to find someone else to do it for you.

    Having said that, changing your display name is fairly easy so if you need that done then post here with what you want it changed to.
  2. Scarab The Mechanic

    I'm a stupid fuck. Please change my tag to Scarab FFS
  3. Torric Lord

    I dont know if I've fixed it, I went to my details under the user menu and 'saved' my change but I'm not sure if it worked. If my display name is Torric, ignore this post. If not could you change it to Torric thanks.
  4. wow you people are gay.

    I want my 1500 post back to.
  5. Sithral Member

    post whore
  6. You're one to talk Emilio
  7. Sorry, I made that mistake.

  8. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    Please try to change your own display name now, temporarily we will allow the change while things get set up and this option will be turned off in the future.
  9. Krolex Guest

    yeah, I ended up deleting my account and remaking it so I can have my display name :) - wish this post came out earlier.
  10. Ezreal Guest

    Please change mine to Ezreal
  11. Torment Guest

    My name needs to be changed to Torment.
  12. toffee New Member

    could I be Queerbait ExtraordiNaIre again?

  13. willoc Guest

    Change mine to Willoc.
  14. thorizdin Administrator

    Yer good Willoc.
  15. toffee New Member

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