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Discussion in 'Destiny 2' started by Kynikos, Nov 22, 2017.

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    I just got the game. Got to level 20 from the public quests and finished the campaign. I haven't received any of the rewards yet. What do I do next? I completed all of the challenges but haven't received those rewards either. I'm at power 215 currently. Should I just keep doing public quests over and over until I reach 260?

    Is there a better/faster way? That seems extremely boring and will probably take 40 hours.

    When should I accept all the rewards?

    I've noticed my challenges lis t is different today. Can I do them for a reward every day? Is it possible to get the rep rewards more than once?
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  3. Georgetta Gear Level 9000

    Hi Kynikos :)

    If you can hold off on accepting the quest rewards until 260, it will yeild you higher level gear. The best way to go from 215 to 260 is through public events - but you can also get gear from crucible, lost areas, patrols, erc (when you need a break). Public events are just the fastest.

    You can also accept the WEEKLY GUILD rewards (or they may even auto accept for you). Those are the ones you get when the guild completes a raid, nightfall, and trials of the nine. Those will also help. Since the gear you get is based on your current power level, it may be best to accept this as close to reset as possible (it should go fast from 215 to 260 - and even higher).

    What class did you make? :)

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  4. Kynikos Member

    atm I'm a hunter, but I will probably change to something else.

    How do I know that I'm accepting the guild rewards, and not some other reward?

    Xur isn't useful until I start getting legendaries right? I don't have any legendary shards atm.
  5. Georgetta Gear Level 9000

    WHELP, I accidentally turned my stuff in early, so not 100% sure. o_O Usually someone is on in Discord, so they can probably describe what not to click on a bit better.

    Hunter is funnnn! That's what I play, too.
  6. Kynikos Member

    I think i figured some stuff out, and got some legendary shards, but how do I find Xur?
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