Prismata-Card Game Fast Pace Hearthstone?

Discussion in 'MMORTS and RTS' started by Lake, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Lake Warlord


    Welcome to Prismata!

    You’re about to play a strategy game that has excited pro gamers and beginners alike.

    !! IMPORTANT !!

    Prismata is a work in progress. We’re involving the community at an unprecedented early stage in development, meaning that the graphics are mostly temporary and many features—including the lore, campaign and in-game tutorial—are not yet ready.

    That said, we’ve assembled some resources to help you dive in right away. Prismata’s rules are very simple, so the quick video tutorial below will be enough to get you started. If you need help, don’t be afraid to use the in-game chat or post on reddit.




    Get involved:

    • The Prismata subreddit is the center of the universe for Prismata discussion.

    • Follow us on to be notified when we stream the game (3-4 times/week).

    • Our Youtube channel is updated regularly with highlights, teasers, and strategy VODs.
    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our dev blog.
  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I'd give it a look. Who has keys?
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I got one.
  4. Lake Warlord

    hahah really? I'm going to install this game tomorrow
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I think it's browser based.
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  6. Lake Warlord

    Seems I may have another key if anyone wants.
  7. Lake Warlord

    @Jbigg want to give this a try?
  8. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I guess.
  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I've played this game extensively at this point and it is a math game. It steamrolls and after someone gets a slight edge, your ability to respond and recover is near impossible. Granted, I've only played against the bots, but after going through all of the ranks of bot play and then also through half of the scenarios, I'd question this game's ability to sustain longterm.

    I just don't have the interest in a game that is more math than it is reacting to your opponent.
  10. this is something I wouldn't mind trying
  11. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    My life improved after I quit playing this game.
  12. Isy Lord

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