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Discussion in 'Protoss Discussion' started by Koribundar, Aug 2, 2010.

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    while it's good to know each of those builds, the key to flexibility and scouting...

    if the enemy is going mass air, you need phoenix/stalkers, if they are going mass armored (ie, roaches and marauders) go immortals and zealots, if they are going mass marines, go colossus/zealots... etc

    you need to know what they are doing and be able to adapt--there is no one build that will win every time if you are not able to adapt it to the circumstances
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    The toughest part of playing protoss is surviving that initial rush if it comes at you.

    I just watched a couple of vids that went this strategy.

    barracks, forge, photon cannons, while pumping out zealots/stalkers/sentry.

    He'd upgrade the units while defending, or he'd turtle waiting until he had enough built up to either finally go out, or wait for the first push against him, then mop up after the fight.
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  6. Very, very true.
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    What's worked for me is to get 4 zealots out asap and tell them to hold position on the ramp to block the enemies from rushing past and harassing your workers or surrounding your units (ie. zerg style). Put several stalkers behind the zealots and a sentry for guardian shield in between. Lings will be at a disadvantage since they cannot surround your units with their numbers... So far, this has worked against every zerg rush I've encountered.

    Marine rush is a little different since their ranged can pick off your zealots while they are holding position...but it takes a little longer for them to mass those. The best thing is to go stalkers right away since they are fast and have good range. Make sure to have one sentry for guardian shield as well. The good thing is that, if you are able to execute this quick enough, it works against reaper rushes too.

    Building a forge and photon cannon = 3 zealots and takes a lot longer to make...and if you make enough photon cannons to secure your base, you're turtling and it's probably going to be a long drawn-out loss.

    Just remember to get a robo facility up asap to scout with an observer and see what the enemy transition plan is. If the zerg is going roaches, get immortals, if the terran is going vikings, mass phoenix/VRs/stalkers.

    It's easy to get caught up in defending for the initial rush and not realize that they are teching and not rushing, so scout scout scout!
  8. You would honestly be better not massing phoenix and void rays against mass vikings... They are NASTY anti-air and they WILL have more units then you. Best to go mass stalkers against them with a few void rays once they are on the ground. Now of course marines and marauders would rape that shit (and they are cheap and fast units) so its best to think a step ahead and get 2 colossi out. (but if you do this... Do NOT have them fighting the vikings) If you don't want to get colossus tech you can always go for storms.
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    So far, phoenix/VR/stalker has worked for me, but that's 1v1 and I'm usually able to keep enough pressure on them so that I have enough phoenix's to match be honest, I have not really played with Storm or the high templar unit, which is something I need to work on next.
  10. You gotta remember you are playing silver league at the moment. In higher level play, people churn out units a LOT quicker.

    Once they get two starports up and add-ons they can throw out 25+ vikings very very quickly. There is simply no way you can compete against anti-air with a terran... Not to mention the vikings also out-range phoenix.

    All the terran has to do is bait your air towards a cliff while microing them back and forth. Your ground army will be absolutely useless during this time against a skilled terran. You really are a lot safer getting blink and not allowing them to land at all.
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    So far, I have not had much trouble with T or Z, but PVP has been my bane...I found a post about a PVP strat that I'll be trying out next. Since it's a busy time for me at work, and I'll be out of town thur-mon, if anyone can try this out before I do, let me know how it goes.

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    I'll try it tonight.
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    check out the 7.28.10 videos of Huk vs Pinder for some clutch forcefield placement...I need to work on that for sure.
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    they also have the basic air ship that can disable ground mechanical units. Had it used against me last night to great effect.
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    that's the one
  17. zeta Lord

    Yea, they're pretty nasty for hit and runs on units with no AA capabilities, but in a large scale battle they're pretty underpowered.

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