Qberto pumping out weapons.... now we gotta feed him more!

Discussion in 'Crowfall' started by Xpade, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    WTB more sessions like this! This is what 6 people can do when they want to and get one fat half-giant hitting mother loads for 200+. This was all done in 30 minutes and can get about 1 new weapon or jewelry peice to each guild member who participated. Not even going to mention the 1,000 to 3,000 milisec l ag spikes. I'll start getting jewelry out ASAP!

    30 minute guild session.jpg

    @Asim @Ren @qberto @Deathadders @FireQueen
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  2. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    I may be in the tier 3 mining tree tonight. What ore should I prioritize? I'm thinking iron.... but may go gold since its a multi purpose ore.. but getting blue/purple iron may be a bigger priority as we can use crap tools for lvl 1 gold/silver.

    iron ore specialization.jpg
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  3. FireQueen Crowfall Tester

    It was great 30 minutes! Let's repeat that today... wood? skinning?
  4. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Probably skinning. I need to provide @qberto or @PaleOne with a hefty set of skins. I or “We” need to help the guild identify and document recipes. Qberto and I handled most the ores and a few wood recipes, but were “in the dark” for skinning and jewelry. I definitely and holding back on jewelry as it’s much harder to obtain since they only drop from mother loads...
  5. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    testing so far

  6. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    If the lag goes away, we can make it skinning. If it’s laggy... we can do trees. Be either our fort for t7 or if we have archenstone we can do t9 wood. Luckily for trees it’s easier than ores I think...
  7. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Anyone need weapons or mail or plate?
  8. Piikaa Warlord

    I will need pretty much everything on Pkaoo / Piikaa, may be able to hop on tonight and start farming mats for you.
  9. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Tell me exactly what you need and i can make it for you.
  10. Piikaa Warlord

    Going to play a Stoneborn Cleric, so plate / hammer + Shield. Survival / healing focused.
  11. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    I don't think clerics can use plate yet. Do you want me to make mail?
  12. Ren Elder

    And Stoneborn isn't in game!
  13. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Stoneborns... like the ones that will probably be done ... saayyyyy.... softrelese’ish time right there with frostweavers? Just guesstimating that one... have no clue cuz they even laugh in the streams and don’t even want to say the dates aloud....BUTttttttty.... WTB some casuals to help do motherloads... I can’t do them solo and can only get gems for jewelry when farming as a group.
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  14. FireQueen Crowfall Tester

    Devs said that FAE is completely done but they wanna perfect double jump and gliding. So they expect release of fae for 5.5 or one later. No clue about stoneborns... I dont think anyone ever asked. Lol

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  15. Piikaa Warlord

    Grrr. guess I'll elk cleric for now...

    I still miss having a chest piece that could proc Brell's Blessed Stout.
  16. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    I made you a full set. Message me on discord when you are in game. Chaos US east
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