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    Qberto's HOTA globebarb

    I'll make a more detailed explanation but here is my current build.


    Guide under construction....

    1. Why HOTA vs WW?

    HOTA is superior to WW on rift bosses. HOTA generates 3 times as many globes as WW on single target. Since wizard dps is directly proportional to globe production, this decreases time to kill on single elites and rift bosses. Those 5 minute rift bosses now take under 2 minutes to kill. If you are interested in theorycrafting, continue below. Otherwise skip to question 2.

    WW globe generation on single target. Let's assume WW is attacking at 3+ attacks per second (easily achieveable with bulkathos set and some ias/buffs) with 100% crit chance with full buffs.

    Diablo calculates damage as tick per X frame. There are 60 frames per second. YOU can calculate your actual tick per X second using this website but generally it is hard to surpass 1 WW tick per 6 frames or 10 attacks per 60 frames (1second)

    There also is something called skill proc coefficient. For WW, it is .2. I am not 100% sure that skill coefficients affects globe generation but it seems that it does.

    10 ticks per second, 100 percent crit, 4 percent chance to drop globes (solanium), 0.2 skill proc coefficient. = 8 percent chance per second or approximately 1 globe per 12 seconds.

    Ground stomp

    10% chance every 12 seconds per enemy hit = 1 globe every 120 seconds. With 66% cooldown reduction via cooldown reduction and obs ring (I can cast a 11 second ignore pain with 30 second cooldown continously so I assume that my cooldown is less than 10) , 1 globe every 40 seconds.

    Threatening shout

    15% chance every 10 seconds per enemy hit = 1 globe every 66 seconds. With 66% cooldown reduction 1 globe every 22 seconds.

    As you can see, for single target situations, your main source of globes will be WW with some contributions from threatening shout and ground stomp. The boss also spawns globes at 75%, 50% and 25% intervals and the monk is also generating globes.

    Here is the HOTA FAQ for frame breakpoints and skill coefficients.

    It is a bit complicated to calculate tick per X frames dual wielding 2 weapons with different attack speed but let's assume with pig sticker (or any fast dagger), good ias and full buffs, you are attacking at 1 tick per 20 frames (3 ticks per second)

    3 ticks per second x 100 percent crit chance x 14 percent (10 percent from hota birthright and 4 percent from solanium 1 hand mace) x 0.67 skill proc coefficient = 28 percent chance per second.

    WW 8 percent chance per second
    HOTA birthright 28 percent chance per second.

    As you can see, this leads to a huge increase in globe production for rift bosses.

    2. Q, you are like 780 paragon levels and probably have full ancients. Is this a viable build for us new guys?

    I have no ancient pieces besides the immortal king helm and pants? Ancient pieces are not needed for this build. I completed a GR 82 yesterday and I can't remember the last time I died. The build is extremely tanky with very few required pieces. I don't use area damage as paragon skills nor do I need crit damage. You can basically get all the paragon skills you need with 400 paragon levels. It took me a couple of hours to build this entire set from scratch this past weekend.

    3. What is required for the build?

    1. Level 70 barbarian :cool:
    2. Gavel of judgement in cube (to refund fury when hitting less than 3 enemies). You can actually generate fury when hitting no enemies. This is important to keep fury above 90% to keep your aquilas buff for 50 percent damage mitigation. You don't have a reliable fury generator in this build so having this in the cube is necessary.
    3. Pride of cassius (6 second highly recommended). Ignore pain mob rule is the most important buff that you bring to the group. In high level rifts, your wizards will get one shotted without the ignore pain. How you maintain a 5 second buff with a 30 second cooldown continously? A 6 second pride of cassius gives you 11 seconds of ignore pain. You can reduce the cooldown of the skill via obs ring plus cooldown reduction in your gear to keep the buff up continously.
    4. Obsidian ring for cooldown reduction.

    Highly recommended (possible to play without these items but signicantly harder without)
    5. Bracers of first men for 50% attack speed for hota which increases globe production by approximately 50%.
    6. Fury of the ancients shoulders - ancients generate fury which keeps your fury at max
    7. Aquilas chest - above 90% fury you get 50% damage reduction
    8. Two piece immortal king - ancients stay until they die. Needed to maintain crit buff from ancients or damage reduction.
    9. Illusory boots – to walk through enemies. You will get body blocked a lot if you don’t have this item.
    10. Solanium – to generate up to 4% globes on crit (for total of 14% with birthright)
    11. Chilanik’s chain – gives party 40% increased movement

    12. Xephirian amulet for lightening immunity. Alternative is countess julia’s cameo for arcane immunity
    13. Pig sticker – for 1.61 attack speed with 7% IAS, cooldown reduction, Chance to crit and resource cost reduction. Alternative is any other legendary dagger (barber or Eun). Barbarians can only craft one of these 3 daggers via the cube so it is relatively easy to get a decent pigsticker
    14. Oculus ring – For 70% to 85% increased damage circles. Alternative is any other ring with socket, IAS, crit, cooldown
    15. Immortal king’s gloves plus ring of royal grandeur in cube – gives 4 set IK bonus which means 100% uptime on Wrath of the Berserker. Alternative is Theo and tasker + countess julia’s cameo in cube. Theo and tasker gives ur ancients 50% more IAS which means more fury so you don’t dip below 90% fury to keep your aquilas buff. Countess julia’s cameo gives arcane immunity. Second alternative is immortal king’s gloves plus countess julia’s cameo in cube, and substitute oculus for royal grandeur.

    Guide continued. ....
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