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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furyos, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Furyos Warlord

    My daughter wants to video capture. I want to provide her a program that is easy to use but interesting with lots of features. Recommendations? Free is better but I'm willing to spend 20 bucks or maybe more if its worth it.
  2. Ren Elder

  3. Georgetta Gear Level 9000

    If she wants to edit video she captures, Movavi is great. Its like $30, but super easy. So record in OBS, edit / convert in Movavi :)

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  4. Glisseal Lord

    Windows movie maker is free! I've did over 120 soccer videos in the last 8 years. May be a learning curve but from my experience you will have that on any program if you are a beginner.

    Never mind as of Sept Windows movie maker has been discontinued......good thing i switched to Adobe 2 months ago!
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  5. Ren Elder

    Windows movie maker was even more awesome back in the day before they dumbed it down. I bought Cyberlink PowerDirector a year back as a replacement for my bootleg copy of adobe.
  6. Furyos Warlord

    Thank you for the tips. She is getting started.
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