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Discussion in 'FPS Discussions' started by El Topo, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. El Topo Lord

    Its been a while since I played a Rainbow Six game, and Siege is looking pretty good. I have to say when I saw the first footage of this game it looked pretty boring, but after looking at recent videos I'm pretty sold on the game. As long as the same team works on it it should turn out pretty good, but don't take my word for it.

    Here are some videos:

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  2. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes


    If there's no terrorist hunt Ill skip it.
  3. El Topo Lord

    The devs said that terrorist hunt was the most poplar feature of past Rainbow Six games, and it will most likely make a reappearance. They haven't shown the singleplayer yet, which I suspect is being worked on by another team. Hopefully its something like Rainbow Six: Patriots, which they cancelled to focus on PS4 and Xbox One releases.
  4. El Topo Lord

    Sign-up for closed alpha HERE

  5. Glyph Forum Failure

    it could be fun, but what turned me off of CS is the game type of one life. I agree it would be cool, but i don't think I would pay top doller. Unless it has other game types...
  6. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    RB6 > CS
  7. Glyph Forum Failure

    I was never great at ca anyway, I come from too much of a console foes. Like halo
  8. tordana Active Member

    Man, that's exactly why I love CS. Deathmatch game types are just less fun for me. Even in CoD I always played hardcore search and destroy rather than the deathmatch stuff. It's just so much more strategic. My aim is nowhere near good enough to compete at a high level but I do pretty well just because of my positioning and game sense.
  9. Glyph Forum Failure

    I do appreciate the higher strategy and positioning, atlease in CS it took a little longer to kill someone compared to CoD (on a regular basis), if i played CoD i would just end up getting nuke-naded and be sad.
  10. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    This game is right up my ally. Def looking forward to it. I talked to Evo a while back about it and heard him nerdgasm.
  11. Glyph Forum Failure

    I would have to wait for the game to come out and see what is included in the whole game. Like all of the gadgets you can use to defend or attack. As well as other modes of play.
  12. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    ehhhh...to be fair I did say oooooh RB6, then I watched it and i was like meh.

    No terrorist hunt = fail imo.
  13. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    it is in alpha. you don't know if there is or is not a terrorist hunt. Hell they may not know yet!!!
  14. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    Well, the siege stuff doesn't interest me at all tbh. I like the classic TH.
  15. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    yeah. gotta pick the games you enjoy. Like BFH. A lot of fun when you are in a squad of your buddies. No fun when you play with a bunch of newbs who can't tell the difference between shit and brown paint.
  16. Glyph Forum Failure

    Very true, i picked up BFH. Only played with a LotD squad maybe 3 times.
    When im playing alone i'll just play some hotwire or conquest to level weapons and classes xD
  17. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    When I am playing alone I seem to do Hotwire also. Sit in my little corner. Drop some breeching charges, my ammo box to refill said breeching charges and wait. Then glory comes to me!!!
  18. El Topo Lord

    It has been said a few times, yet not confirmed that Terrorist Hunt mode will be in game before or after release. It is the most requested feature that R6 fans want, and Ubisoft knows this very well.

  19. El Topo Lord

    Got invited to closed beta for the weekend.
  20. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    been playing it since monday. having a blast. terrorist hunt came in today. it's ok but 5v5 is better

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