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  1. tordana Active Member

    This is literally the most beta beta I've ever played. 90% of the game is still in Chinese, 5% more is in Russian (fucking why?), and the remaining 5% is Google Translate English. And somehow I have 200 ping to the "north american" servers. I'm up to level 25, but I have no idea what the fuck is going on.
  2. Leshil Warlord

    It's nothing else left to say really lol.
  3. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    It genius really, reduce porting costs by running everything through google translate. More profits to be had.

    For a better language experience you can buy real translations in the cash shop.
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  4. Soth Administrator

    What do you think of the combat system so far? I know I was not impressed.
  5. Guilford Warlord

    Honestly I was willing to have an open mind about this game but right now I don't see the point.

    Bdo fills a much better combat orientation that while grindy has a much better feel as well as boasting 100 active Lotd members and consistent fights being led by competent and experienced leaders

    WoW has one of the best raiding contents it has produced in years and provides a good group experience with around 30-40 Lotd playing currently

    And if those two are not your thing Archage is releasing a fresh start server in December with a severely limited cash shop and gameplay that this game looks like it tried to mimic but came up short on.

    Please note I am really not trying to slam this game and if you want to play it I hope you have fun with it I personally feel there are better options out currently.
  6. Leshil Warlord

    Not an official or unofficial chapter. Honest feedback is good feedback. I'll reiterate for the those that are not into the cash shop has always been about squeezing profits.

    Doesn't mean the game won't have a playerbase who enjoys it, but just know what you're getting into.
  7. tordana Active Member

    The class I've been playing (Occultist) feels pretty standard as far as MMO combat goes. It's definitely not as fast and fun as Blade and Soul. This particular class has an interesting gimmick in that there are two forms you toggle between for damage and healing, with each skill having alternate effects based on the form you are in. Also some skill decisions, like a totem on a decent cooldown you can drop on the ground for AoE buffs but also detonate for an AoE nuke around it. I think the skill cap is definitely there - a good Occultist is going to be way more effective than a bad one. Overall, though, combat feels very sluggish but I think a lot of that is the ping problems (servers are apparently in California, so those of us on the east side of the country are screwed)

    I definitely don't recommend the game at this point, but I don't necessarily feel like I wasted my $18 for beta access. I'll keep an eye on it, because the game definitely does seem to have its fun points (there is an entire system of challenging solo dungeons, which I love when games have)
  8. Kahlan Member

    Although the graphics and combat is not anything near as nice as BDO, I am playing the action combat style (3 combat styles to choose from) and having fun with my swordmage. Well, fun except for the fact that I have to wear an animal on my head:


    I haven't had a lot of time to play so I am only sitting at level 33. Although this almost feels alpha, the game is somewhat intuitive as I am not having too much trouble knowing what to do even with the limited English.

    My computer didn't play nice with BDO and I had to run with less then optimal settings but I am using the highest settings in RO and have been averaging mid 50s for fps so far with non-combat running around 70. Zero disconnect - game seems pretty stable with connection.

    I am somewhat lost with the lore due to the Chinese and Russian voice-overs and writing in the game but that is okay as this is beta and I am not into lore anyway. ;)

    So far, no constant progression rng or a grind that feels like a full time job to keep up so I am good. As far as p2w, well they are not making me any heavy marketing promises to not go that direction so I am willing to see how it plays out with this game. :rolleyes:

    I have a Crowfall package that should allow me into alpha 3 testing so will give that a try too when that testing rolls around.
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  9. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Thanks for keeping us updated :)
  10. Illuminath Destiny 2

    Played the beta, got 2 characters to lv 49 with end game gear ~ ( spiritshaper 70k and gunslinger at 81k gs)

    I enjoyed the game, the pvp was fun though limited and the dungeons weren't half bad, the translations were a bit off putting but coming from playing on the chinese version a bit, it wasnt all that different ( the english patch for the chinese version has more tanslations lol), but yes this was more of an alpha sort of thing as things were missing and whatnot, but honestly id rather play this than go back to archeage and the same with blackdesert but as with everything ~ to each its own

    if anyone has any questions i can answer and with proper information now ^.^
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  11. Kahlan Member

    I too really enjoyed the Revelation Online cbt- more than I thought I would. I leveled 3 classes to 40+ (Blademaster, Swordmage, Vanguard) and even though two were melee and I have never been a melee person, I enjoyed all three classes and I am actually leaning toward Blademaster for main.

    The character creation was better than I expected and I would place it directly behind BDO as far as game character creation. As you can see from this photo, there are a ton of hair choices alone and I could use more than one color for my hair and even pick the choice of the pupil reflection (many reflection choices as well) which of course I had to match to my hair highlight. :)


    I found the combat style (using Action combat- you have a choice of three styles) similar to Wildstar with a sight/reticle to aim. Movement was fairly fluid (not awesome) and although I didn't get to do much air (wings) combat, it does seem fun. I did plenty of jumping and air gliding even without wings though as you just cannot help yourself in this game....

    Open world pvp has enough of a penalty (think red with 1 kill) that I am a bit disappointed (those killed also rez immed full health with option to kill you no penalty) but the battlegrounds I participated in felt like organized open world pvp and those were enjoyable. Guards will kill you when you have slayer points (think bdo karma) and your gear will be reduced in durability when you die- I think you can drop money too. Slayer points fall off with time and Ruben if you are reading this.... they do have a way to reduce the slayer points with quests. ;)

    Although I did not understand any of the lore, the quests and leveling went pretty quick. I understand that it slows down a lot with higher levels but the cap in cbt1 was 49 so I didn't get to experience this too much.

    I messed around with a little fishing (manual bugged but auto worked) and crafting but I was a bit lost on how to collect materials due to the lack of translation so none of my crafting skills were above level 6. Yes there is auto fishing in RO as well as autopathing which I do like in games.

    I saw a few LotD members in cbt1 and noticed a lot of familiar guild names that will be focusing on RO doing active recruiting such as Focus (yes tez mouthy as ever), Laughing Coffin, Pain Train, Old Timers, KoS, SlayerS, Malicious Intent, Drow, Blacklist, Sinister Swarm and some of the bigger Eu guilds like Codex ect. Legacy had an older guild recruitment page up and some comments from Glare but didn't see any active recruiting from these guys so not sure if this will be an official chapter for them.

    As far as speculation of this being heavy p2w because of, chat in game from those playing the Chinese version state it is not as bad as people think or claim. I have no idea what it will be but I do know this, they are not making all the heavy false marketing promises that BDO made me so if they do go in a heavy p2w direction, at least I wasn't greatly misled. :rolleyes:

    I know LotD is focusing on Crowfall right now but if you have a little time on your hands, I would recommend at least trying for one of those free beta keys and checking out Revelation Online cbt2 when it starts.

    Here is an early Reddit review and cbt video giving some of the good and bad on RO. I agree with most of the points but do wish the video reviewer would have used the action style combat as I think the game would have felt differently than a tab target game to him:

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  13. Illuminath Destiny 2

    yea, open world pvp isnt properly working right now, since you arent supposed to get such a heavy slayer count if the other player fights back, its like 2 or 3 slayer for attacking then like 150 for a kill ( slayer is reduced like 1/min ) but theres also items that you can use to reduce it, as well as a quest that reduces like 250.
    wing/flying combat is hilarious, because people on the ground cant attack you so it can be really annoying if you havent leveled/developed the flying skills.

    Pvp battlegrounds were fun, we had 2 different arenas open that switched every day
    20v20 point capture with buffs to pickup around the arena
    10v10 moba style arena, 3 lanes with towers, " jungle buffs" and a miniboss

    something i really like about the game is the character development/progression

    Basic atribute distribution, that can be respeced easily through a cheap item
    So as you level up you gain access via an orange quest to more character development, this is the " path ", as you can see each has requirements for you to be able to unlock, level and otherwise

    Soul grid, is the first path that you unlock, a rune passive skill system that unlocks around lv 35, then as you go up at certain points you unlock more rune slots
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    for the most part, all the runes are the same for everyone, each color gives a different bonus and theres different tiers with a level requirement as it gives more bonuses, then you can get a class specific rune for the middle.

    then later you get normal skill level up, you gain skill points each level up and the max of the skills increases at certain points aswell, starts at 8 then by 49 i tink the max is 13 or 12


    theres also the special skill level up and specialization


    and lastly at 49 you get the skill talent tree, things like increased damage, increased mob damage, more resource regen, debuffs clear on use, ignore % defences etc, you can change this system at any time depending if u wanna pvp or pve


    and i think theres more things in the higher levels, 59,69,79 as its the next requirements for the rest things in the Path

    Now when it comes to the cash shop, as far as i know its not too much of an advantage most of the things in it are acquired in the game, via dungeon drops or bought in shops ( there are tons of different currencies that you use to buy items, many items being found in many of the different shops of the dfferent factions.

    obviously we cant really know what the cash shop will have until they actually release it here, most of the speculation is from the CH cash shop.

    Now regarding rng, there really isnt much of it really
    gear for the most shows you what stats it comes with, but all gear has an rng part that is the green stats, 2/3 random stats that appear on ur gear when you craft it ~ it helps but its not something to fret much about as you can reroll it but its pretty minor

    " regrading gear " has no rng when doing it but the values themselfs do have rng, the values per level go from 2% to like 5% so what you get is rng, you can use more of the regrading stones per level to increase the % you get, or you can always go back later on and try to mend the %s for a better bonus

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    I feel that this game will be P2W because that is how it's designed to be in China and they aren't going to magically redesign the game for us. What's in the cash shop doesn't really matter. If I can buy BIS gear or mats to craft BIS gear, then it is P2W. The time gate only gives an illusion of pay2progress. I wonder how fast that tune changes once whales start wrecking faces.

    Where I think this game will fail is how gated content is. Everything has a limit. Literally. Everything. I found myself logging on and finishing my dailies in about 2 hours and then logging off. It's as if the game is actively encouraging me to not play. Sure there are a lot of different things to do, but if I don't like that content, I'm not going to do it. I'd rather log off and do something else I find more enjoyable. And I don't even know how new players will ever catch up.
  15. Kahlan Member

    Great post Illuminath- like the detail! Wish I had you in cbt ;)

    I must admit, I was quite confused on the soul grid and what I was supposed to be doing with it. If the gemlike icon/items fit, I used them but that is about as far as I understood it. I am sure this will become more clear to me when I have a little more English describing it. ;)

    Crush, I never had your issues of being bored and logging out after dailies but then again, I could probably just spend the day doing battlegrounds and being happy. Did you run many 3 star God Mode raids?
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  18. ATL New Member

    so who is going to play this game? I purchased it. going to give it a try see how far I can take it. we need to organize what server
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  19. Illuminath Destiny 2

    i am, NA but havent heard about what servers we getting

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