Rift NDA Drops: LotD Info Summary

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    Rift: Planes of Telara has dropped its NDA for Beta events, and tons of information is hitting the internet. Instead of rehashing what everyone else is saying, I'll simply link some articles and a couple of beta gameplay videos for people to see. LotD does plan to play Rift at retail release, and we're currently debating our faction choice.

    I will say what I've said before, and that is Rift is not a revolutionary MMO. However it takes a lot of MMO concepts and refines them into better gameplay experiences. It also has a unique and dynamic zone and world event mechanic that creates invasions that players have to deal with, and a lot of other fun stuff. In 2011 the gaming world seems stale, and Rift is the one MMO this year that seems to be shining brightly.

    Scott Hartsman Beta 2 Summary

    Massively.com Level 1-10 Walkthrough
    Rift Podcast Beta #3 Discussions

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