Rift: Planes of Telara Beta Dec 17th

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    While MMO's may not feel revolutionary these days, an MMO done right is like a holy grail to guilds like LotD. Rift: Planes of Telara is a promising game that has had tons of news updates , and it is a game that LotD members are interested in playing. I cannot say if we do or don't have members in the beta, but hopefully after December 17th we'll have a good presence there..

    Yearn will be LotD's official representative in Rifts, and he will handle our affairs and assign other members to duties as he sees fit.

    With some other games delaying releases or just looking like a rehashed WoW clone, it certainly puts us in a situation where a game like Rifts could be a breath of fresh air. Since LotD is a multigaming guild it is highly likely that Rifts could become an official chapter if enough membership support is there, and the game launches smoothly with many of the system mechanics we favor.

    For all other public news about Rifts, please keep an eye on our LotD-Rifts discussion thread in our MMO Gaming Forum.

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