Rylai's Crystal Scepter Analysis

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    There are now a lot of power shifts on APs following the Slow changes and AP item rebalance. I ran through a quick analysis of champions that can utilize this.

    What changed? Slows no longer stack, to compensate for this item, AOE magic abilities now apply 40% slow. The item states that dots only apply 20% Slow, so some abilities like Anivia Ult and Karthus W are up in the air still as to what they are considered.

    LCS EXAMPLE: Ryu and H2K demonstrates the power of the new Rylai's on Ahri. An Ahri all in with R and W now applies a 40% slow forcing a flash out of your opponet if they want any hope at dodging the Charm ability.

    -Xerath R into R into R, Q sets up easy W and E
    -Ziggs Combo Q or W into easy Q,W,E,R, Huge R engage tool
    -Vel Koz Combo, W into Easier Q, E. Keep target in R longer
    -Vladimir Vlad, makes split push vlad even stronger, with Q, W, and E all offering 40% slow
    -Syndra Tons of Util, all skills set up easier Q, W, and E's / This offers shit loads of kite to a no stop animation champion
    -Orianna Combo, Q sets up easier R, also Q spam
    -Maokai Sapling chase is real Ult now peels when detonated
    -Lux Combo E setup Q and R
    -Lissandra Q slows more, E util
    -Leblanc W setup Easy E
    -kogmaw Combo R into R into R
    -Kennen Adds big Utility to kit, Keep in R
    -Kata stays in R longer, chase is much stronger with W spam
    -Kassadin NO
    -Karthus COMBO, if W procs 40% you get easy Q
    -Dianna Huge utility addition to kit on Q and W
    -Cassio Q Spammable now 40% slows
    -Brand COMBO W into Easy Q
    -Chogath COMBO W into EASY Q
    -Anivia - more slow? Q 20>40 R 20>40
    -Ahri - COMBO W R dive setup EASY E

    Zyra - Q into easier E or R, R also procs a 40% slow prior to the knockup, making it more likely to hit.
    EVE - perma Q slow
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