Say Hello to Joh....the Hostile!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Hades, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead


    Joh the Hostile is a Guild Wars NPC recently added that is named after our LotD Warlord Joe Hostile. Joe's tenure with LotD in Guild Wars consisted of leading our return in 2008, and seeing the guild back into the Top 100.

    Here is the quest dialogue:
    "Joh the Hostile's enormous girth and sudden flurries of violence are not nearly as disturbing as his twisted mind. Joh is often heard singing eerily tranquil, repetitive tunes while tearing his victims limb from limb. He often sinks into a blind, adrenaline-fueled rage without warning. Joh the Hostile was last seen assisting Inquisitor Bauer with a mission of grave urgency. Queen Salma is offering a hefty bounty for any fearless souls who dare to slay this hulking butcher!"


    * 1,000 Experience
    * 250 Gold
    * Complete the Base Objective for 3 War Supplies
    * Complete the *BONUS* Objective for an additional 1 War Supplies

    I guess even Arenanet won't let Joe live down his Youtube Fame!
  2. Joe Hostile Inactive Elder

    ROFL. Go beat him if you think ya can, bitches!
  3. Izzy Lord

    Looks like a gimp which fits Joe.
  4. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Izzy you guys need to lower Joh's gold reward to 1 copper just to keep it real.
  5. Vatna Member

    Is this the first LotD member to have this happen to them? I laughed my ass off.:D
  6. Hahahah, thats awesome. Grats Joe.
  7. That is epic!
  8. Akkuma Member

    Congrats Joe. I hope they use some real sound clips of you singing to enhance the fun when we kill Joh in-game.
  9. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

  10. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Now THAT would be awesome.
  11. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    overrated... looks like a kid with down syndrome... wait, nvm... it works.
  12. Rakaz Member

    HAHA that is some funny shit there.
  13. Pookee Lord

    LMAO! Excellent!
  14. Ozzone Lord

    A crushed dunce cap and a muzzle. How appropriate.
  15. Garthilk General Badass

    Pure awesome.
  16. Kenai Lord

  17. Cloctocc New Member

    Haha so good, grats Joe. I enjoyed playing with ya in Darkfall for the short period I did. Solid player

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