SC2: Legacy of the Void (Nov 10)

Discussion in 'Starcraft II' started by Cedwyn, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Cedwyn Banned


    Anyone watching the blizzcon tournies on twitch? I have been watching the SC2 stuff and last night (Friday) they did some show matches of the 'Archon mode', which allows 2 players to control the same team. It looked pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing some pro archon tournaments.

    I suck at SC2/RTS, and I don't plan on buying LotV at release, but I'm interested in doing some Archon teaming somewhere down the line if anyone else is interested.

    Here is one of the matches: Follow the other links on the sidebar for the other games. Check out Huk+MC vs. TLO+Snute game 2 for some laughs.
  2. Glisseal Lord

    This game is gay and sucks......Rofl.
  3. Cedwyn Banned

    Protoss are all dudes, so I can understand why you think they are gay, but humans have females and zerg are asexual.
  4. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Just did some archon teaming with my brothers and it's pretty fun. Everyone plays fucking zerg and just zergling rushes super fast.
  5. Linc Active Member

    Technically there are feminine protoss
    Having been playing starcraft since it was released way back in '98, its nice to have a finish to the story. Also LotV brings some awesome new units, most notably to me is the return of the Lurker, which was beastmode OP back in the brood wars days. I've been playing ranked SC2 off and on for years now, best I ever got was platinum a few years back, nowadays I just hover around silver/bronze. Archon seems like it has some potential, good and bad, I suppose for learning its pretty awesome. Anyway my name is Linc#1364 friend me if you wanna play.

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