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Discussion in 'Overwatch' started by Zaltex, May 30, 2016.

  1. Zaltex Lord

  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Yeah I'm pretty bad. #660 on dwarf turret man.
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Not surprised, I need to put in more time on the game.
  4. Zaltex Lord

    Most of this just seems based on play time pretty much. Although if you play a shit ton of Lucio you could easily sky rocket in rank. Easy damage and heals. Its a no brainer.

    #241 w/ Zarya though. That is something I guess. :p
  5. Soulshox Lord

  6. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Its definitely time based, I was like 740 Lucio last night and my averages are way higher than the #1 Lucio.

    Also I've decayed form #660 to #887 overall score overnight, lending more evidence that time played is the biggest factor.
  7. Soulshox Lord

    Have to agree, the more you play the higher the ranking. I guess we can search the #1 person who is the no lifer i guess.

    I reckon blizzard will launch some ranking thing soon themselves.
  8. Leshil Warlord

    You guys are kidding yourselves vs. the kiddies. I realized this long ago when my oldest hit 18 and started straight owning me with his younger twitch speed

    Just let it happen. It hurts though :(
  9. tordana Active Member

    If you go to the leaderboards you can sort them by most stats, many of which are more interesting than total score. For example I'm around 3000 ranked with Roadhog, but if you go by damage per minute it's closer to 300.
  10. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Oh nice find tordana, there is actually a score per minute here that you can accurately rank players by.

    #270 score/min on Pharrah (#149 K/D)
    Thats my only one in the top 300 that I have over 30 games on.

    It Appears to have a limit set to 25 games played on a hero, if you are under 25 you are not ranked.

    EDIT: I put in a request to have the default view be score per minute, to add a per minute category to your own hero page, and to add in a filter for setting the minimum required games played; suggested 25/50/75/100
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  11. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    The admin mailed me back they will be moving toward score/min
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  12. what difference does a per minute make if you lose? I'm just wondering. I haven't really had the time to play this past week. Isn't the overall objective to win the match? This game is not like BF where you get a score for the little things that you do. I honestly don't know that's why i'm asking.

    Edit: Ok after looking over at the site a little bit, I see they have their own scoring system. That's pretty neat.
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  13. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    If you go to a hero on your own profile they now also list your ranking based on score/minute
    #13 on the NA servers
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