[Sep 30, 2013] LotD Adult Performance Theater (LotD Performing Arts Center)

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    Sanjo, Leshil and Valus will be "performing" their award winning routine for the entire guild via webcam. In this gripping tale, Sanjo plunges a little too deep into Valus' hole, causing turmoil in their relationship.

    Valus, unsatisfied with the lack of caress and compassion of his lover, seeks the warm embrace of Leshil's wonderful rod. Leshil, the antagonist of the story, is shown to just be out for a warm mouth to park his "car".

    Watch as this love triangle unfolds in it's various live adult scenes ending in the grand finale three-way, lauded as the most lewd yet heartbreaking live sexual congress ever performed. Sanjo the raging and brutal boyfriend, Leshil the conniving and manipulative lover, Valus the warm and naive receiver. The trio of love. Will you join their adventure?
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  2. Leshil Warlord

    I see Cedwyn has influenced you very much.
  3. Cedwyn Banned

    Is this real?

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