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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Shaylynne, Mar 30, 2011.

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  6. has 27" LG 27MP57HT 1920x1080 IPS LED Monitor for $199.99 (price in cart) - $50 Rebate = $149.99.

    Shipping is free.

    • Resolution: 1920x1080
    • Response Time: 5ms
    • Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1
    • Inputs:
      • 1x D-Sub, 2x HDMI
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  8. Realspace Magellan Collection Corner Desk, 30"H x 59 1/2"W x 39"D for $82.49

    Normally $219

    Sale Price
    -$27.50 (25% off with coupon code)

    Opt for in store pickup for free shipping.

    COUPON CODE 18017102

    Coupon good through 10/31/15

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  9. Cedwyn Banned

    That's some nice cord management in that photo... must be all wireless, including wireless power, wow!
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    I need to see deals on a desk ideal for a 3 monitor setup complete with Joystick and throttle attachment capability.

    Yes I need the mother of all desks and im too lazy to build it.
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    I'd just get a custom one made. Call some places, and see where u can get a good deal. Also 3 monitor setups are on the way out with the new 34" screens coming out. Just buy one of those and keep your old monitors.
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    Stop sweating so much, fatass
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  16. I agree, faux leather is crap. Real leather is the only way to go.
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    Like the shit that came in the Age of Conan collectors edition. "Faux Leather Map", more like "So fake that 'faux leather' is a compliment".
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