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  1. LaMagra Lord

    Anyone else pick this up? I need some neighbors.

    Origin: LaMagra1
  2. Sanjo picked up a couple copies on release day. It's my first time playing it - I find it pretty entertaining, especially being able to have it running in window mode while I do things on the other monitor (no not porn - get your minds out of the gutter). :D

    Number One created a lords of the dead region, but I think it got eaten when they were having launch server issues with so many people playing. There's a few others playing too.

    Post your origin name, we'll add you to friends :)

    Origin: shaylynne
  3. LaMagra Lord


    Guess I should have added that to my original post eh? =P
  4. Number One created a new region, sent you an invite to it. Please pick your place on the map and keep a limit of 2 cities - so that we can invite 3 or 4 more lotd to it :)
  5. LaMagra Lord

    I don't see an invite. Which server are you on?
  6. East 4
  7. Cedwyn Banned

    You poor souls...
  8. Ozzone Lord

    The only way I'd play that game is if I could build a military base and nuke other player's cities. That would be cool.
  9. perilX Administrator

    We don't judge here. You enjoy yourself!
  10. xenon Dutch Elder

    If they have that i'd play it too LOL
  11. Niir Elder

    Today I learned: Shaylynne refuses to watch porn on her other monitor. The only safe assumption here is that she'll only watch in on her main monitor.

    Probably it's .. bigger? Better ... depth (of color)?
  12. perilX Administrator

    That would just be another thing for you guys to suck at.
  13. Cedwyn Banned

    It's like that riddle... 2 coins, 1 isn't a quarter because the other one is used for porn.
  14. The bigger the better, isn't that the ideology of today? :)
    And don't forget the girth.
  15. I got this game yesterday, played it for a little bit but havent really got into it much. Origin name is Balkovec
  16. Not able to find the name Balkovec
  17. Sent to you guys
  18. Daemon Lord

    She doesn't want to get a crook in her neck when she tenses up during the moment.
  19. I can't get him to show up in my friends list for whatever reason, can someone else send Cale an invite please. Just click on one of the plots of land in the region and select invite friends.

    No fun when that happens, ruins the climax.
  20. I dont have anything up and running yet, just got the game installed, played for an hour and stopped. I have no clue what im doing. :p

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