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  1. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Because I paid them... :D

    How do you think you made that 2mil to fast.
  2. Soth Administrator

    I sent you a 1.5 million gift last night. But I've heard gifts are buggy and don't always make it through.
  3. perilX Administrator

    They make it. You have to wait them out after you send them. Once you can send money again, it's been sent. It goes faster on 3x speed. The person receiving has to wait them out too, so you can't pause or you won't get it. Means sending money to bankrupt people doesn't work.
  4. Daemon Lord

    I got it; thanks.

    I read some stuff on the recycling bug -- which is why i keep running out of money. Hopefully I'll fix it. If so, i'll send you some money back. :D
  5. Soth Administrator

    no need, i have 10 mill now so im ok.

    i wiped my whole city and planted trees to get rid of all the ground pollution from my garbage truck bug.

    Apparently if a disaster destroys your dump, any trucks that were on the road are considered to be on the road forever even though they no longer are collecting trash. basically makes all your garbage trucks sit in the garage and not go anywhere.

    Also applies if you bulldoze a building that has vehicles before you shut it down to allow the trucks to return. Sposed to be fixed in next patch from what i googled.

    That godzilla monster is a real bitch. first time i had him he took out all my trade buildings just when i was about to get off the ground.
  6. perilX Administrator

    Start sending resources to the solar farm. Soth, we have all nominated you to make and donate processors. Congratulations!
  7. Kotoll Lord

    I hate you all. All the reports are that this game is bad. But I want to buy it........ bah
  8. I haven't logged in in a few days. I'll do that later and send stuff to the great work.
  9. perilX Administrator

    Are you guys breeding criminals? 3500 in the region. My city has 0. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!
  10. Daemon Lord

    I've only got 161.. .and my police station has 25 in it.

    I, however, can't figure out how to get positive cash and stay positive...

    any tips? please check my city out and let me know. It might just be bugs... I have 4000 processors sitting in my shipping yards... and they aren't selling.
  11. Tragedy Lord

    Can someone send me some simoleans? I will pay u back tomorrow. Haven't had time to play much this week...

    Daemon I'll take a look later tonight...
  12. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    I think I have a crime bug...

    I'm spending over 10k on cops for my 1 city - that I demolished and have like 5k population, 1 street and it says there's over 500 local criminals.

    If you look on the data map, there's none though.

    Peril, if you got extra cops, send them to Los Sanjolas and Thunderdome...
  13. Daemon Lord

    destroy all the buildings but the jail. that way the police can catch them easier. :D

    oh; when I destroyed my town, i went to 0 pop
  14. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    0 population but click the police tab - I still had the criminals.

    I demolished BOTH my cities to try and fix this shit.

    If' I cant get it under control soon I'm going to have to abandon ship.
  15. I don't see the solar farm yet? Is it in progress? Clicked on all for great works.
  16. Daemon Lord

    I have processors manufacturing. but i can't seem to keep my budget in the black. it's the damn university costing me 6k a month.
  17. Anwedie Lord

    Sounds like you're running Detroit :(
  18. perilX Administrator

    You have to have a trade depot. You have to have plenty of delivery trucks. You have to make a processor storage lot at the depot. Then set the global deliveries to use locally and finally go to the solar farm and turn on the sending of processors. Or set processors to export to make money.

    I don't ever really have a positive hourly. I don't really think you can. I have one city that does as a tourist city. Your investments just need to pay off.

    And the solar farm is right next to my city.
  19. perilX Administrator

    Could be they are in other cities fuckin shit up.
  20. Daemon Lord

    I have all that. but my recycle plants stop working, and half the time my two trade depots sit with 2k processors (@$67k per 1k) and they don't go anywhere.

    so i have plenty of trucks, plenty of depot, and plenty of "the shit just sits there".

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