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  1. Torric Lord

    I'm sure reading this forum post is more fun than actually playing?
  2. Soth Administrator

    If your traffic is super bad, then trucks don't go anywhere. The garbage truck bug also affects any building that has vehicles.

    Trains and boats only stop every so often, so sometimes it will take a while to move product. My alloy sometimes sits at 80 of 100 tons before it finally moves.
  3. Soth Administrator

    Lol, since I love you Kotoll I'll write you a mini-review:

    Simcity has been released in an alpha state. It is chalk-full of game-breaking bugs. I would not recommend this game to anyone. I would tell you 'wait 6 months until they've fixed most of the ground-breaking bugs.'

    That said, many of us are having fun playing it. If you have a high tolerance for bugs, the type of person that enjoys alpha or beta testing, then go for it.

    For me, the game is very relaxing. I come home, work on The Sothonium and chill out. The game is wonderfully complex and surprisingly deep. HOWEVER it is easy to sit there enjoying yourself for 10 hours only to have a game-breaking bug completely destroy your beautiful city.

    But, the beginning of creating the city is half the fun, and every time i rebuild it I expect it will be just a little better.

    So if game-breaking bugs are going to make you smash your keyboard, then stay away for 6 months. If you can overlook them and are willing to restart your city every once in a while - hop on in, the water is warm. This is one of those great games that you can turn on and chill out with.

    Soth's score if all the bugs were fixed and game was working perfectly: 9/10
    Score with all bugs in the game as they are: 4/10

    But I still play it, cuz I've played enough bug-ridden games to have a pretty high tolerance.
  4. Soth Administrator

    I would but I don't have a connection to your city so game won't allow it :(
  5. Soth Administrator

    I sent you 1.5 mill more. My advice is to use it to start producing tvs. TVs sell for almost $200,000 per shipment. So even if you import all your alloy and processors you should be swimming in cash.
  6. Tragedy Lord

    Almost 3k of Shaylynne's Sims arriving daily by the Bus load for Moto-Cross & Rock Concerts!

    I'm gonna have to redo my roads to accommodate them!

    I still need: University /w School of Science in Region.

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  7. perilX Administrator

    We have that. That's how we got the Solar Farm.
  8. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Peril wtf man - your city has like 4000 regional criminals???

    I'm building for a detective wing right now - should have it this afternoon.

    Hopefully that helps alil.
  9. Haiden Lord

    yeah I accidently started that by clicking on shit randomly :p cost me 500k, still need to put the mats into it though to build it

    screwed myself though I dont have the natural resources to sell enough oil or coal/metal to be able to get the trade/petro HQs to import alloys ect. Not sure what to do there
  10. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Tragedy - I sent you 5 million through Shay's city.

    I can piggy back you guys 5mil - just request it here and we'll work out how to get it to ya.

    I'm raping my cities environment right now - just seeing how much money i can make through trade alone.

    Right now I'm at about 6m a day - 5m and change after expenses.

    I'm working to try and fix the regions crime problem - but other people need detective upgrades at your police prescient.
  11. Haiden Lord

    I somehow got radiation in my city, not sure how that happened
  12. Daemon Lord

    Did you build a nuclear power plant? If so, when I turned the university off, you're people probably lost education. :D

    uneducated people can't run nuclear plants... KABOOM!
  13. LaMagra Lord

    Or a meteor strike can do it too. I had a radioactive meteor hit one of my cities.
  14. perilX Administrator

    I think that is the number of criminals in the nearby region. I had over 2k since the beginning. And it went up 2k since yesterday just by logging in so I doubt it's my city. I have 0 local, no crime spots, all educated and high wealth.
  15. Haiden Lord nuke plant so I guess meteor...any way to get rid of it? I got rid of ground pollution with trees..

  16. I've been sending alloy to the solar farm since yesterday, but everything still shows up as 0. Is it bugged? What do you guys see? Does it show any progress?
  17. Also, I fully decked out my Mayors Mansion with all the upgrades. My sims have been at 99% happiness forever now. I'll be flying by in my Sim CopterOne now.
  18. Soth Administrator

    yeah great works seem to take a long time to update the info with how much resources they have. seems to take over an hour before you get an update.
  19. Ah nice, shows 325/600 tons of alloy now. I'm sending half of my alloy supply (ie, around 75tons/day) to the Solar Farm.

    Guess I'll know it's done when it starts backing up in my railroad trade port.
  20. Daemon Lord

    I'm going with BUGGED.... per Sanjo, I started ordering alloy so my processor factories could make them and pass to tv factory to make.

    Almost 10x shipments of alloy purchased, 0 alloy received at processor factory. gg.

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