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  1. Daemon Lord

    ok... So i just logged out and logged back in... and i'm no long in the city... can someone invite me back?
  2. Soth Administrator

    invite sent
  3. Perseus Warlord

    Sanjo hurry up with your detective wing, your I keep getting criminals in my city trying to burn down my slums.
  4. alloy's done for the solar farm
  5. Argonic Lord

    My nuke plant blew up with safe education lvls, safe my ass
  6. Haiden Lord

    anyone know how to fix it when your sims will not pick up the garbage? I tried destroying the old garbage dump and placing 2 more, my trucks will not move.
  7. Argonic Lord

    Bug if you destroy dump while trucks are out they stop and wont move.
    Only way to kill them is to destroy the road portion they currently are stopped on
  8. Haiden Lord

    thats the issue, there are no trucks on my roads, they are sitting in the dump garages. My recycle trucks move around np.
  9. Daemon Lord

    stop your recycle collection (turn them off). then wait patiently until your garbarge trucks start moving again (could be several game hours). start your recycles back up.
  10. Soth Administrator

    i destroyed the dump. then I abandoned the city and reclaimed it. Then I rebuilt the dump, and it started working.
  11. Haiden Lord

    hmm that may be what it will take. I keep running into major major bugs that are city killers, not sure what to do :(
  12. Daemon Lord

    great advice; i've gotten my production into the positive and paid back my loans.

    please stop leaving the horse heads on my bed at the mayor's mansion...
  13. Tragedy Lord

  14. Anwedie Lord

  15. Cedwyn Banned

  16. Tragedy Lord

    Is anyone really surprised they went the "In Game Advertising" route?

    I bet the Next DLC will be Home Depot Bill Boards...
  17. Soth Administrator

    Microsoft Factories. As soon as you build one Simcity crashes eternally.
  18. I can't make money in this game:/ I'm trying to start off the electronics stuff, but I burned through 5 mill that shay sent me cause my city burns 60k per hour. :/ Rough stuff.
  19. Daemon Lord

    Everything except my recycling plants has full trucks (the recycling plants have 2 each -- if you over flow trucks, the recycling plants fill up and stop running).

    1- I have a trade *port* with
    --an alloy and plastic lot. They are both set to not accept local and import (that ends up being 420k per alloy purchase, 210k per plastic).
    --tv and computer lots both set to receive locally and export.
    --a processor lot set to accept local, use local.

    2- I two trade *depot*s with
    --one set with 2 alloy and 2 plastic lots, both set to not accept local and import
    --one set with 3 processor lots, set to receive local and export

    3- I have 4 recycling centers producing plastic and allow

    4- I have 3 processor factories producing processors producing

    5- I have 2 consumer electronics factories
    --one only makes tvs (4 units)
    --one only makes computers (4 units)

    My expenses: 58,228 per hour
    Monthly transactions: 2,640,000 per month
    Net income per month: $915k

    Note -- you have to keep your traffic fixed, otherwise you get screwed right away because nothing will import/export. that 60k per hour kills you if you're factories aren't working. I had to turn everything off like 6 times to get into red (and have 3mil from soth) until i figured out how to fix my traffic.

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