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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cedwyn, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Cedwyn Banned

    Released today...

    I just picked it up, however my eb games was sold out of the mega-huge players guide :( But they gave me a Skyrim sticker :p

    The map in the box is neat, reminds me of the AoC collectors edition map, leather-like. The Skyrim Collectors edition has some dragon statue and costs ~150; seems heavily overpriced for a statue that is probably made in China. Did anyone get it? I just got the normal edition.

    Good bye weekend!
  2. thorizdin Administrator

    I'm sure I'll pick it up but I'm so busy right now there's no point. I just found out I have to fly to Seattle next week on top of the biggest trade show of the year...its no damn wonder I have ulcers!

  3. Thor if you pick this up before BF3 I'll fly out to Seattle and give you more ulcers ...
  4. Dogmatic Banned

    I just got the regular edition.

    Holy shit, 2 handed weapons are pretty OP. I was 1-shotting bandits with a level 2 Orc using a Warhammer, with a single point in the first 2 handed weapon perk.

    Now I'm level 5, and trying to figure out why the main story quest won't advance. It says to talk to a Girder, but when I do, there is no main quest dialogue option with this girder.

    But anyways, what dude did you go with at the beginning? I went with the Nord, because Oblivion was such bullshit due to the leveling system that I wanna fuck up the Empire instead of preserve it.
  5. Cedwyn Banned

    Bout to play, just finishing patch or whatever is downloading.

    It looks like the level system is different? Doesn't look like you get the stupid +5/4/3/whatever points based on the skill group. Thank god.
  6. Dogmatic Banned


    There are no more Major/Minor/Misc skills. Every skill increase attributes to a level up, and you can increase 1 of 3 attributes by 10 on EVERY level up. Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

    Dual Wielding is pretty sweet, but I prefer the 2H. Axes can be specced into causing bleeding(potentially OP, late game, depending on how much enemies scale with your level), swords can be specced into 10%/20%/30% crit rate, and maces/hammers get specced into 25%/50%/75% armor penetration.

    Guards will kick your ass, children finally fucking exist(they went Fable 2 patch on you though, you'd have to get a mod to kill them. I couldn't hurt one who back-talked me). I think marriage/family may be an option.

    Stay away from giants. I went from fucking up bandits, to meandering into a place filled with giants, and one of them 1-shotted me with a bitch slap.
  7. Dogmatic Banned

    Uh yeah. The cinematic kills are fucking amazing. I jumped on a dragon's neck, and bashed it's skull in with my warhammer. Instead of recieving the last dose of fire needed to kill me.
  8. Cedwyn Banned

    Played for a couple hours, really really enjoying it; all sorts of improvements that just make the gameplay so much more fun.

    The coolest thing ever is the spell dual wielding. Put frost in one hand and fire in the other, the possibilities/combos are endless. I think a good combo will be heal on one hand and big dps on the other; no need to switch between hot keys.

    The crafting is a neat item, being able to improve your items and make new stuff. Being able to do alchemy without having to spec into it to make it effective is a good change (see minor/major removal in dog's post). Plus there is stuff everywhere to harvest from plants to bugs to fish to animals.

    Finally, the game graphics are amazing. They have a cool/annoying lighting effect resembling your eyes getting use to light/dark, but it happens everywhere and is really annoying after a while. The water/streams/rapids are really cool (plus the water pushes you downstream); trees/shrubs/etc not much changed over IV; the ambient sfx is pretty cool: birds chirping in trees, npc talking (actual gossip that you can respond to), even eagles flying in the air and making sounds.

    With the pleasantries aside, this game is buggy. It works, it looks great, but when you get a bug it is almost always game-session breaking. I've had two major ones: first when changing weapons they disappeared and I couldn't attack anything; reloading a save fixed this. Second during an enchant, my keyboard stopped responding (not even esc worked), so I had to end task the game. Hopefully they'll release a patch to fix this shit in the next week (they are usually pretty good at fixing the bugs).

    The inventory system is cool to begin with, but it is totally designed for consoles. It flows to a certain extent on the pc, but could use work. The favourite system (quickskill/spell/item) is a cool feature, but the list doesn't fit on your screen with lots of items; this is a problem imo. The map is neat (it's 3d now, instead of a 2d map), but some areas don't have detailed maps (like small cities), so it is hard to find your way around / find a shop.

    TL;DR: Another Game of the Year no doubt, but needs some bug fixes soon. If you don't buy it now, wait a month for some of the bugs to be patched.

    Need some pc tweaks fast, the pov for one needs to be increased; also hoping to be able to turn off the lame light/dark fx. Anyone know of any posts?
  9. Dogmatic Banned

    Another bug set here. Clipping is garbage. So fucking garbage that I took a horse and spam jumped up the steepest side of the tallest mountain. When I say spam jumped, I mean the horse wouldn't touch ground for minutes at a time. While going up, a roughly 70-80 degree angle. I've had the weapon disappear crap happen to me once, but I quit dual wielding. I did have a bug where my warhammer was swapped with an abnormally long arrow(I even have screens). Melee combat is clunky. When I say clunky, Oblivion and Morrowind have smoother combat.

    In reference to 2 handers vs. 1 handers. While melee combat doesn't feel smooth, 2 handers are incredibly overpowered. From level 2 on, a good amount of the time, I could bum rush generic mobs(including humanoid ones) and end up using a finishing move on them while they were at full health-note: I use warhammers, slowest swing time, highest damage. Dual-Wielding melees is essentially pointless. You can only swing one at a time. Might as well swap that off-hand for a board. But with dual-wielding in effect, you can roleplay a left handed toon!

    GOTY, yes, but I'm wishing I had waited for a nice bit of user-made mods before I bought the game. It's a good time-sink until TOR if you have nothing else.

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  10. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    Ya i zigzaged my horse, to the graybeards temple, i presume there's an actual path or stairs of some sort on the other side of the mountain, but i just drove up the side that was closest to me. Also horse gets caught in the wirlwind up top, and lifted like 100 feet off the ground and then drops and dies. Needless to say i got off before then and came around.

    Crafting... made it to 50 on hide gloves (2 scrap 1 leather) so cheap, and vendor sells more leather/scraps every 7 days, if you don't wanna hunt pelts. Probably cost under 2k total to 50, 70/80 seem like big upgrades though, my crafted lvl 30 elven weapons are better than orc ones that unlock at 50 :(.

    Took a little while to get hotkeys figured out, after that skill/item switching became a non issue.
    The negro race is so broken with their stamina regen skill, once a day i can solo any boss/dragon/giant, just by hitting stamina, and then spamming shield bash, power attack, to stunlock him until it dies.
  11. Cedwyn Banned

    Pretty sure you can dual attack with two weapons (iirc, just hit both m1 and m2 at the same time), but what makes the 2h so powerful is the power attack. Right now, I use destruction dual-casting for groups of enemies and 2h for single mobs, I haven't even touched my bow.

    Smithing is a great way to get levels if you have some leather. I came across a hunters camp with ~20 hides, which turned into 60+ leather. Got 1.5 levels by crafting chestpieces, but as xeno said, it'd be more xp effective to do the lower items.

    Are you guys using all your skillpoints on one tree? I hope there is a way to reset your perks because I've invested some in areas that I find somewhat useless at this time.
  12. Cedwyn Banned

  13. zeta Lord

  14. Dogmatic Banned

  15. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    some other easy xp: get a buncha junk armor,weapon and jewelry. Get some shitty soul gems, the cheapest. Enchant rings with whatever you can that you broke down, fortify magica/spell reduction/archery bonus. Just break down a piece of armor for it with magic stat. Enchanting a garbage with cheapest soulstone is giving me 100% xp, at 30 enchant, sky rocketed from 25-40 enchant with close to 1.5 levels of xp at lvl20.
  16. Cedwyn Banned

    Hold E.
  17. Dogmatic Banned

    OMFG. Huge ass sesh, got Smithing to 100(just to find out Dragon is a waste of a perk for HA users, no weapons, subpar to daedric, bonus for LA wearers though, besides easily obtainable) fucking crashed.

    sigh, got a random program crash prompting the windows sounds.

    But, didn't lose hardly any progress. To attempt to undrunk the original post, while still being intoxicated:

    Don't take Dragon Armor smithing perk unless you are a Light Armor user. Daedric armor is superior for Heavy Armor wearers.

    Dragon Armor is different from the rest. Instead of armor and weapons, it is just completely armor. The difference being heavy(Dragon Plate) and light(Dragon Scale?? IDR). No weps, which is all I wanted.

    To recap: Dragon Armor is only useful for LA users. HA users get better protection from Daedric, albeit Dragon is slightly less effective, while being lighter for the HA. So I guess if you're a packrat, or you like the looks better(it's seriously just like wearing bones, and Daedric always manages to look better with each installment).

    /end babbling.
  18. Daemon Lord

  19. Cedwyn Banned

    So Lydia died in a tough battle (even though I told her to wait), the fight took 10mins. Now I am going to have to do it again and put her on the other side of the dungeon - hope she stays there. She had all my ingots and dragon bones on her, no way I can carry all that.

    Dual casting in destruction has become more cool - when you cast the same spell with both hands, it becomes an uber spell, really cool. Also (force) lightning is awesome looking. The magic effects in this game are exceptional.

    Also that comic is fail. In the greybeard temple you learn that dragons language doesn't have nouns or verbs, just a single meaning.
  20. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    I save before leveling up skills. Did you skip ebony, i wonder if i should go farm ebony ore, or just push til 90 smithing and get daedric set. Are components for daedric stuff farmable or hard to come by? Blah looked into it, don't bother answering.

    Also dragonplate exists and is pretty baller, with easy to acquire components:

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