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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cedwyn, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Garthilk General Badass


    So starting out in the very first village is an Elf whom if you do his quest becomes a follower. He is also an archery trainer. Make him follow you as a follower first. Then have him train you in archery. Then open his inventory and take back the gold and have him train you again. He can train you 5 times per level, up to level 50 in archery.


    Dual casting illusion spells rocks and makes mages over powered. Okay there is a perk which is like stealth for spell casters. It removes the verbal component of spell casting aka, NPC's don't know you casted a spell. Combined with muffle spell, they can't hear you move with armor. And when you dual cast Invisable you can pretty much walk around invisable the whole time and if you pop up. Hit the AOE rage, invis and watch everyone kill eachother. Or hit AOE calm spell and then rage one and watch your enemies fall over themselves to kill eachother.
  2. Scarab The Mechanic

    the perk Assassin strike does 15 times damage with daggers... being able to two shot a Dragon Priest is worth it
  3. Anwedie Lord

    Phear Psycho_LotD the mage! He has a mohawk :)
  4. Dogmatic Banned

    You can burn enchantment slots to make One Handers still deal more damage is what Baha was getting at. Personally, I like the daggers because they free up enchantment slots. And I feel like a BAMF, and only need a few perks in the One Handed tree, giving me perks elsewhere.

    The pickpocket perk which allows you to poison people by putting poison in their pockets is lulz. Make/buy a bunch of good poisons, and slowly kill a town that is clueless.
  5. Bahamut Lord

    75dmg(a good dagger)x15(the dagger perk) = 1125 dmg vs 270dmg(a good mace)x6(the first sneak attack perk) = 1620 dmg

    But anyway, ever since i got my blocking to 100 and i got the sprinting while blocking perk i've been having a blast playing bowling with everyone and everything. And i just found out dual wield perks buff your werewolf attacks... being having fun transforming to werewolf again haha

    Yo dogmatic, what enchants are you putting in your chest? i've been running with stam and mana regen since i dont need fortify armor skill to cap max dmg reduction
  6. Dogmatic Banned

    I've been running with Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood Armor on my newest character, my Dark Elf Assassin archetype. Thieves guild has +weight carried, DB has 50% Poison resist. I haven't delved into enchanting on this character yet.

    I haven't decided my enchants yet. Maybe -Illusion cost and, eh, fuck if I know what else. Does buffing max stamina increase your carrying wieght? If so, I'll probably use it so I can clear out cities more thoroughly. I might say hell with it, go with +pickpocketing success, and better prices, just to make my thievery more profitable.

    My orc warrior has 91 enchanting, and I was running +health on his armor(2h blocking blows. Hell, looking at it now, 2h has superb damage, yet it just isn't amazing in huge clusterfucks) to take more hits.

    Shadow Warrior, the 100 Sneak perk is fucking OP. It's a Vanish during combat, allowing mid combat sneak attacks. I just wiped out a whole bandit camp using it, sneaking every single one of them after aggroing them all. It's also badass to get a killshot coming off of invis. You see them jerk, and you pop back into visibility with a dagger planted in them.
  7. Scarab The Mechanic

    You do realize that 6 times damage also applies to daggers, right?
  8. Scarab The Mechanic

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  9. Bahamut Lord

    <table id="sortable_table_id_0" class="wikitable sortable"><tbody><tr><td colspan="2">Assassin's Blade</td> <td>00058211</td> <td>50 Sneak</td> <td>Deadly Aim</td> <td>Sneak attacks with daggers now do a total of fifteen times normal damage.</td></tr></tbody></table>

    To give the most detailed numbers at max gear and bla bla bla

    1h skill 100, smithing 150 and enchanting 100 with full +% one handed armor set(boots, gloves, ring, neck):

    daedric dagger: 95 dmg
    daedric mace: 287 dmg

    with the normal multipliers of stealth tree:

    dagger: 95x15 = 1425 total dmg
    mace: 287x6 = 1722 total dmg

    Now, if you wanna go for even more retarded damage you'll go with the shrouded gloves which gives double sneak attack damage, so u'll have to drop the enchanted gloves for 1h witch puts the mace down to 243 dmg so:

    dagger: 95x15x2 = 2850 total dmg
    mace: 243x6x2 = 2916 total dmg

    Anyway, my point wasnt that maces do more sneak attack damage than dagger, but that skyrim doesnt cage you to the MMO standards and you can effectively go for the stealth play style without using daggers
  10. Dogmatic Banned

    But Baha, you can't slit throats or stab backs with maces.
  11. Cedwyn Banned

    Scarab - nice video, is that you playing?

    Thieving in the game is pretty fun; too bad it is so lopsided in terms of making money. Wish I rolled a thief to begin with, all those hours spent on my mage, learning dragon shouts, killing dragon, when I could've been robbing people :p

    Anyone buy a house yet? I am looking for one that is close to a store (or a fence), and a smith. Also one that has storage space near the door. The one in Markarth, while it looks cool and has a nice view, is a bit of a pain. It is no where near the smithy, majority of the storage is in the bedroom but there is some places in the dining room. The nice thing about it is if you like alchemy, there are two barrels right next to the table (I use one to store ingredients, and the other to store potions). Also the city trader is two floors below your house and it is near the front gate, so it is easy to get there from fast-travel.

    Here is what I'd love to have in a house:
    -Easy to get to from fast travel
    -Near a smithy
    -Near a trader and/or fence
    -Storage space close to the front door
    -Storage space near the alchemy and enchanting tables
    -Don't really care about displaying items

    Wiki says 5 houses, but not much detail, in order of expense:
  12. Dogmatic Banned

    Whiterun is next to the smithy there, and nearby all of the traders. It's the house I generally roll with.

    I actually haven't bought a house on my Thief/Assassin yet.

    Also, Dark Brotherhood questline: fucking badass at the end. Not many games let you do this, aside from it being a game's main storyline.
  13. Cedwyn Banned

    Reading through some good stuff there.

    Three things caught my attention:
    1) An easy way to have unlimited carrying is to put everything you want your companion to carry into a container and then order them to take all from the container. They will pick everything up and won't have a weight restriction! Someone had their companion hold 2600lbs of stuff, lol.

    2) One guys solution to stop going through this damn door! (Thief Guild)

    3) Anyone else do this :/
  14. Bahamut Lord

    so far i have 2 houses, whiterun and markarth. Markarth has the enchanting table inside the house but the smith and stores are a PITA, whiterun has storage rly close to the door and the smith right next to the house but the enchanting table is freaking far away :(
  15. Dogmatic Banned

    But in Whiterun if you fast travel to Dragonsreach, it's right there.
  16. Scarab The Mechanic

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  17. Steinkrieg New Member

  18. Bahamut Lord

    i found the best house, it's in riften. there's an enchanter inside the house and it's rly close to the smith, also you got a lot of shops pretty close and the thieves guild base
  19. Dogmatic Banned

    I wish there was still a console command to set a merchant's bartering gold. FFS, the Thieve's Guild fence only has 1 grand. My thieving splurges? I come back to the fence and spend about 2 weeks waiting to hock all my stolen goods.
  20. Bahamut Lord

    u can console command add speech perks

    player.addperk 001090A5 would give u master trader which gives 1k more gold to barter to all vendors in the game

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