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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cedwyn, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Now we just need a 'Woah! Woah! Woah! Watch the magic!" video.
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    Yeah, there goes Titus Mede II, Emperor of Tamriel, bitch to the Thalmor.

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    You guys should check out dorrianX youtube channel.. he gamed with us in darkfall some.. he has some awesome skyrim videos and has been featured on several mmo website articles.

    It's a pretty baddass game... I really enjoy it.. You can get the torrent and be playing in a few hours.
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    I just Dl'ed it off of steam for my windows side of my mac. Pretty sweet game. I am going to avoid the cheats until I get through it first. Good to hear though about how these things work. Helps me choose what direction to go.
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    oh before i forget

    As all of us that has been playing skyrim know that leveling up enchanting is a mother fucker pain in the ass but i found THE best and less annoying way to do it. If you go to the Marakah(the dwarven made city to the far west) you'll get a quest to enter an abandoned house where you get an awesome 1h mace that has soul trap enchantment. Also, by hearing the rummors and gossip in Whiterun you get to know where's the shrine to Asura.

    Now, you can acutally level up enchanting by recharging enchanted weapons, so my advice is to get the mace of molag bag and the dark star(giving the star of asura to the mage not the priest) as soon as possible so all you need to do is keep playing normally and keep your mace charged and you'll be leveling enchanting without the PITA of saving money to buy shitty gems and then echanting a shitload of iron daggers
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    I was reading up on getting high damage items, basically:
    1) Get enchanting to 100, invest in middle tree (8 points).
    2) Enchant a set of items (armour) to boost smithing and alchemy.
    3) Put 3 points into alchemy, right tree, to get the +beneficial perk. Create blacksmith potions and marksmen potions (+archer, +1h damage).
    4) Get smithing to Daedric perk (right side of tree) and enhance a daedric bow or 1h, while using you crafting gear and blacksmith potion.
    5) Enchant the weapon with anything, ie. frost damage and soul trap.
    6) Enchant a new set of gear with +archery or +1h damage mods (armour only).

    As it stands, you can create 600+ damage daedric bows that can do 1300+ damage with buffs. Daggers with sneak attack bonus are said to do over 10k damage, lolwut.

    Now if you don't want to invest all those points in perks (19 points), you can skip alchemy and buy blacksmith potions. I wouldn't skip enchanting (8 points) as it is useful all round. Smithing can be skipped (except for 2 points to enhance magic gear, imo) if you don't want to wear daedric armour or dragon armour, but the weapon damage will be halved because you can't improve daedric weapons x2. The problem with skipping smithing is you can't create draedric gear, you have to find or buy it somewhere, which is difficult to do (level based items, daedric 40+ drops I think), and you can't obtain dragon gear at all (for light armour users).

    Minimum I think for good damage is 8-enchanting and enhancing your armour with +archery/+1h damage and maxing the associated trees. Archery damage for example would have +100% from perks, +60% (?) from gear: a bow with 50 damage now does 130 damage base +whatever the damage increase is by having 100 in archery.
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    Over 200 plus hours of story line... and no reason to blow through it...I don't think you will "end game" any time soon...

    If this game could be turned into a game that allows multiple players or even better an mmo I swear it would be the game of the decade. It has a a living breathing virtual world
    something the latest mmo are really missing.

    Its a true sandbox in an rpg format.... I usually only care about true pvp games but for some reason this one is pretty damn cool.

    Just wait till you have your own house and the ability to shout a red dragon for yourself and your running around in ebony armor, dual casting magic spells. lol... it gets intense.

    Oh check out this wiki if you get lost on a quest it really is helpful..
    (there is a link for skyrim and a shit ton of content) <-- good friend of mines videos from skyrim
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    Hopefully they never turn elder scrolls into an mmo. It will be the death of the franchise. You cannot have the same game play experience that tes (fallout, etc.) have by playing single player (save games, mods, console, etc.). However if they add some local/server based multiplayer, that'd be really cool; though I don't know how server intensive that'd be (not to mention how time/day works and fast travel). What would be cool is if you could join dungeons or instances together, that way you don't have to worry about time issues; something like portal 2 co-op.
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  16. Scarab The Mechanic

    Follow Cedwyns guide but...

    Know that BS potions and fortify potions stack... hotkey a dozen of each of these and alternate drinking them... you can get your +BS upgrade quaility over 180,000% and then upgrade any item to have half a mill armor and weapons that do 800k damage... you could be like my tank guy that uses an iron helm and iron gloves(i'm naked beyond this)that I did this to... I have the + unarmed damage heavy armor perk and one shot punch everything.

    People that played Morrowind should know this trick.
  17. Dogmatic Banned

    I miss Morrowind potting. I potted one character's Intelligence so much he had a negative integer in the trillions for his Int stat, and the pots lasted well over 1000 days. I'd spend hours using the wait to make time go by to see when they would disappear. Never did. And the Magicka didn't decrease once. I had spells done up that would one shot cities(I mean the entire fucking city in one spell. They'd trash half of the entire city of Vivec, meaning multiple cantons.), Vivec, Almalexia, Dagoth Ur. It became habitual to put on my Levi-Belt, and literally rain hell on towns.

    Also, Armor doesn't protect you past 500-something. It's capped there.

    I also don't think I'm overforging to that extent, I'm content having real fights with Elder/Ancient Dragons and Shadowmere being a tanking necessity.
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    Wasn't sure if that worked because the guide I read didn't mention it. I figured that was the only way to get big hits, but thought they fixed it.
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    It's fixed-with either 1.2 or 1.3(which released today, fixing the 1.2 fuck-ups). If ya wanna do it, download a rollback 1.1 ESM file from wherever you find it.
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    I'm enjoying PLAYING the game without making myself "uber" or using any of the cheat codes... you miss out on alot of the game if you do that... I guess it could be fun when I get tierd of it I could make a new character and just mess around.

    I was thinking having the game a co-op with a friend I think neverwinter knights did that.

    You can't tell me that the world of this game wouldn't make a fucking EPIC mmo world.

    This is my first eldur scrolls game.. have they all been this good?

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