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Discussion in 'ARK Discussion' started by Jbigg, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Any of you interested in playing sotf matches?

    I have renewed interest after watching the sotf tournament that Wildcard hosted, the larger tribe numbers definitely have me more interested than the 2-man competition they originally started with.

    I wanted to check on the forums as it was like pulling teeth the first week after sotf release when I tried to get people to play.
  2. If anyone is like me, they are prolly wondering wtf SOTF is? When I google it there really isnt anything. Hey anyone want to play nkotb with me?
  3. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Well I was in the ark subforum to be fair, but SOTF = Survival of the fittest. Its like Hunger Games, or Battle Royale (h1z1) inside of the ARK: Survival Evolved world.

    Ark being a survival game with typical base building and crafting, Ark's niche is they are based around dinosaurs. Also you're character levels up so you customize the stats.

    This is the Tournament final they just hosted, first place was 60k and a sponser gave a computer to the winners as well. (be aware the main casters for this were horrible, Bikeman was the secondary stream and had a lot better camera work and such. The other two guys are talking about their camera most of the time.)

    Game starts at 15:20

    Usually the games are not this long and do not have this many people (normal servers hold about 100) This one was 240. Normal games are 2 hours 30 minutes. depending on your play style your average game time changes.
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  4. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    I thought about playing sotf again, but then I realized hackers would be even more prevalent with money involved. The ARK group has already faced 2 groups of hackers. I think they regulate it more in the later rounds, but early rounds you will have people turning on and off various hacks.
  5. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Hmm, not sure on that have only been back to playing for a day so haven't noticed yet. We played about 4 matches yesterday working out a particular starting strategy. I ended up running it solo in the last match and made it the level 25 (smithy) and up to a elevated plateau (safe form all land dinos) in an hour, I think this could be considerably increased with a 6 man team.

    We had 5 for one match but unfortunately double taming hit right away and we decided to stop in an unsafe position to take advantage of it, ended up losing 2 and then getting wiped by a new event we hadn't experienced yet.

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