Steam Weekend Sale: Sanctum 2 Complete Pack - $3.74

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  1. Sanctum 2

    I'm a pretty big fan of Tower Defense games, and also Serious Sam. This feels like those two games combined into one. Pretty awesome. Thought I'd post it up as some of you sounded interested in the past, and it's a pretty decent deal @ 85% off.

    Includes Sanctum 2, Sanctum 2: Britech Skin Pack, Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion, Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme, Sanctum 2: The Pursuit and Sanctum 2: The Last Stand

    WEEKEND DEAL! Offer ends August 18th

    Intense Action – Deep Strategy
    In Sanctum 2, you will utilize elements from multiple gameplay genres to succeed. Construct towers and walls during the building phase before the enemies attack, then jump into the fray and blast everything to pieces in FPS mode. You can progress through the single-player campaign yourself, or play with up to four friends in co-op to discover the secrets of the planet LOEK III and learn the backstory on why the aliens are so intent on destroying the Cores you are sworn to protect.
    Key Features
    Building on the success of the original game, Sanctum 2 stands alone as the only true FPS/Tower Defense hybrid. No other title delivers gameplay that seamlessly combines both genres.

    • Tower Defense – Design complex mazes and build powerful towers to stop the enemies from destroying the Cores.
    • First-Person Shooter – Don’t just sit back and watch, jump into the action yourself!
    • Four playable character classes – Each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses and weapons.
    • Vast Customization System – Pick perks or make the game crazy hard by adding Feats of Strength.
    • In-game Visual Novel – Unlock a comic-book page for every map you beat to discover the secrets of LOEK III.
    • Progression System – Increase your rank and unlock new weapons, towers and perks.
    • 4-Player Co-op – Progress through the storyline yourself or team up with other players whenever you want.
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  2. Radburn Lord

    These are the type of deals I just can't say no to. purchased.
  3. Ren Elder

    I played a bit of this with my son - definitely worth a couple bucks.
  4. Dogmatic Banned

    Picked it up last night because hey, its not even 4 bucks. It was pretty fun, and I've always been a TD fan.
  5. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    I like it - it's a good mix of FPS and TD.

    Setting up the levels though - you can pour a TON of time into perfecting the maps.

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