Stolen Valor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lake, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Man I had thought that Valor had gotten kidnapped....
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    I am on the board of directors for a foundation that deals with combat veterans suffering from PTS. A few years back, we had a guy that was attending our groups that wound up being such a big help, we hired him. He had Purple Heart license plates, had the correct paperwork to show he was ex SpecOps, etc...

    We wound up having someone else cycle thru the program that called him out on where he claimed to have served (this guy HAD been there-done that). Turns out he never left the western hemisphere, no combat service, but had served as a guard (MP). We lost a lot of our supporters because it was revealed in a news article before we were made aware of it. He was brought up on Stolen Valor charges. This is a sad thing when folks pull this crap.
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    That's rough, and they often do not think of how their actions can affect others.
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