Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by Iceembaby, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Iseng Warlord

    Get me into Gigantic lake that way we can be best friends! (That game looks to be absolutely amazing)
  2. Glyph Forum Failure

    What stage is that game at anyway?
    I opted for Beta i think, is it still in Alpha?
  3. Mange Lord

    It's in alpha still, hopefully in beta within the next month or so.
  4. Glyph Forum Failure

    That's good news, I really want to try a Moba that a number of other members are going to play, im tired of solo queing.
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  5. Iseng Warlord

    I'm going to be starting a smite team I think for funsies with LOTD members so pick it up and I'll be playing it some!
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  6. Glyph Forum Failure

    Sounds likes a good idea, i'll start finding heros i like in that game as i have not played it enough (tried like 3 of them so far)

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