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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KromiX, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. KromiX Guest

  2. GC Official Boob Inspector

    We're running SMF 1.1-RC2

    Some of those themes you posted are for SMF 1.0
  3. KromiX Guest

  4. Bloody Guest

    That one does look good and it comes in black which I think would look better than that red shit.
  5. KromiX Guest

    Hey CHeta your probably at work, well you installed it nice! If you havent noticed there is a little rainbow of colors on the top right, you can view all the colors that way, I like the original and the red, i dunno I think the red matches better...
  6. Doc Guest

    Red text on gray background has gotta go.

    The gray horizontal stripe background looked better than solid black too, just IMHO.
  7. GC Official Boob Inspector

  8. KromiX Guest

  9. bora Guest

    the helios css isn't being linked correctly when you open the forums up inside the frame... if you use the it looks fine...
    oh that and both SMF and joomla have a .post class... which is totally awesome ><
  10. GC Official Boob Inspector

    I think it's getting linked fine, it's just the textarea stylesheet is coming from joomla, not smf.
  11. Romilly Guest

    I was gonna say get rid of the red on grey, but someone beat me to it :)
  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    All I have to say is this site looks much more proffesional now, and if red text is our biggest problem(which IMO it is) thats out freakin standing. Gj on the website construction.
  13. Valor Buffalo Rancher


    On the forums the links to each specific board are VERY small and their descriptions are huge. Might we be able to change this around some? just a little easier to move around the forums.
  14. Doc Guest

    Any way to get the "most recent posts" list at the top instead of the bottom, and any way to make it bigger? I really liked the old site's "most recent" setup, the red dots next to the City of Villains posts were so user friendly.
  15. Romilly Guest


    Two isssues:

    (1) I cant tell which vaguely pulsing ball has new entries or not
    (2) The old forums "latest 5 posts" was a great idea.
    (3) My eyes are bleeding, and I'm not trying to read anything because the TINY red on Grey is UNREADABLE.

    Cheta - great work on the site btw, I know this stuff is a pain - but please solve (3) fast - it really makes the site unreadble - admittedly I'm on a Mac with Safari, but everyting else looks fine - just RED on Grey! Unreadable!


    <3 GC!

  16. Romilly Guest


    (ok, I think the text is still a little small - what is the default setting? )

    But it is SO much more readable :) nice quick work!
  17. Doc Guest

    Hmm, yeah, the vaguely-pulsing shitstained balls for new posts kind of suck. Can we just get red balls maybe?
  18. thorizdin Administrator

    Yep, I loved our plump red balls on the old forum.


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