SWTOR 60 Day Report

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    PVE Progression

    Eternity Vault Normal - 8 Man - 5/5
    Eternity Vault HardMode - 8 Man - 4/5
    Eternity Vault Nightmare - 8 Man – 4/5
    Eternity Vault Normal – 16 Man – 5/5
    Karagga's Palace Normal - 8 Man - 5/5
    Karagga's Palace HardMode - 8 Man - 5/5
    Karagga's Palace Nightmare - 8 Man - 5/5

    Because 16 man raids are no more rewarding than just running two 8 man Hardmode Operations, we won't bother with clearing any additional 16 man content until the 16 man operations are revamped. Right now tank aggro management does not scale well from 8 man to 16 man, the rewards are the exact same, and according to the developers February 17 Q & A, the 8 mans are actually tuned to be the harder versions.

    Anyway we are doing regular raid operations every week, and for new recruits or core LotD who haven't started yet it won't be hard to get you up to speed if you join.

    PVP Update:

    Our focus is preparing members for Patch 1.2 when rated warzones are scheduled to start. To that end we are running nightly warzone teams and open world RVR to get valor ranks and PVP gear for those members who wish to PVP. Here's a couple of screenshots of Ilum action.




    LotD Video Tutorials:

    Last but not least, Obitrice is working hard to develop a tutorial series for Hard Mode Flashpoints, and we'll get something produced for the operations at some point in the future.

    Overall things are going well at this point in the game's life, our activities and membership are stable, and we look forward to enjoying SWTOR for a long time to come.

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