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  1. It was a busy week for us and basically every MMO guild's website forums with e3 going on! Many of those gamers and sites are very excited about Bioware/Lucasarts upcoming title: Star Wars The Old Republic!


    This year, we learned a few new things and were treated with another amazing trailer. Gameplay footage, player ship announcement and information on PvP were some of the highlights of this years convention!

    Here are many of the links to the information floating around the net! I will try to capture what I can, though im sure something will evade me, somewhere.

    Playable races besides humans: Rattataki, Twi'lek, Chiss. Gamespot article from Jun 11, 2010 4:23 pm:
    Star Wars: The Old Republic Exclusive Hands-On

    Player ships and PvP warzones announced. EA press panel from Jun 14, 2010:
    E3 2010 EA Press Conference: Star Wars: The Old Republic HD

    A new cinematic trailer called "Hope" awesome as the first one from E3 2009 made by Blur. Jun 14, 2010:
    Hope - cinematic trailer

    G4TV Hands-On with SWTOR - Jun 15, 2010 @5pm PT:
    Hands-On, part 1, Hands-On, part 2, Hands-On, part 3
    or the whole Hands-On panel from here:
    E3 Live Demo - go to 40:00 in order to see the G4TV SWTOR hands on

    Massively.com exclusice SWTOR interview on Jun 15, 2010 @ 7:40pm:
    Starships, PvP, and crafting!

    Various game clips:
    SWTOR E3 2010 - Sith Warrior and Inquisitor quest
    SWTOR E3 2010 - Player ships revealed
    SWTOR E3 2010 - Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent in combat
    SWTOR E3 2010 - Bounty Hunter Armour Progression video
    SWTOR E3 2010 - Trooper and Smuggler quest

    IGN article Jun 15, 2010:
    E3 2010: Another Take On The Old Republic

    VGrevolution article from Jun 16, 2010:
    E3 2010: SWTOR Hands On Impressions

    G4TV article, Jun 17, 2010:
    E3 2010 SWTOR Preview

    Darth Hater - full hands on dissection
    Darth Hater - Interview with James Ohlen
    Darth Hater - Interview with Daniel Erickson
    Ask A Jedi- Interview with James Ohlen
    Tor-Aid- Hands On game impressions from the creators of TOROcast
    Tor-Aid - Interview with Sean Dahlberg

    Definately a lot to look forward to in Spring of 2011! I think I speak for many LotD members in saying that we are nothing short of stoked to get our hands on this title and start melting some Republic faces!

    A big thanks to Petrosis from the official forums for compiling most of these links during the course of e3!
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    blue and gold? :)
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    chernoble's always been kind of special, but we like him anyway. big up for the link roundup, man.
  4. Garthilk General Badass

    The more I see the game, the more I don't like it for some reason.
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    I think it boils down to if you liked the KOTOR games, then you'll probably like this game. To convert it to an MMO, you know some mechanics have to be parts of shit we've all seen before.
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    I do not play games for a long time.

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