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  1. Isy Lord

    Hey guys, @Lake @SlipSide @Kotoll @Jbigg

    Looks like we are starting this team back up little by little. We should try and post some videos or some helpful tips on how to do things better in the game.

    If someone has a video or guide on how to slow push lanes correctly, I would love to see that. Also on how to freeze a lane correctly. Little things like that can improve our game experience and overall win rate.

    Aside from that we should start talking about play time and schedules so we aren't having to play till 4AM every night lol.

    BTW I was thinking that we should add Kayle to our rotation, I wish Akro was on these forums so he could read this, can someone tell him to register and get him access to the forums please?

    But I feel like a comp with Kayle, who can go AP or AD, as a flex pick, a lot of CC in the form of Lissandra, Leona/Nami, Hecarim, Varus would make a pretty decent comp.

    We could throw in the Nautilus instead of Hecarim or even Sejuani for more CC. We would have great burt from Liss and lots of sustained damage from both Liss and Kayle. And I can play both Kayle and Liss pretty well now, just gotta get brennen on the same page. What do you guys think?
  2. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    "If someone has a video or guide on how to slow push lanes correctly"

    if lanes are equal you just kill the range creeps, the enemy melees are beefier and your lane will build up its push.

    This is the basic idea, but I have heard Jatt describe the best 3 minions to leave alive as the 3 melee.

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  3. Lake Warlord

    This and watch LCS or OGN. Solo q pub star of taking buffs past a certain point won't work if this is taken seriously. Target calling and just straight out engagements need work. I have think tunnel vision is a huge problem of people not knowing when to keep applying pressure to the back line or start peeling. It's a difficult decision that really takes an observant front liner to figure out or listen to the calls of peel. Which leads me to my next point of listening or reacting to calls made. There is hesitation in movement and people just doing their own thing or indecisive calls being made. I guess I would suggest watching pro team play and not solo q streamers to learn some of the decisions being made. Overall I think it's inexperience of players not trusting everyone to do their job so some people try to make up for it and do everything but they are not completing their job correctly.
  4. Isy Lord

    I think we just need to keep slowly working together. Eventually it will just click and everyone will know exactly what to do but for now we have to plan our strays accordingly.

    Definitely need to refine out champions though, I think we found a nice comp with me on lissandra and you on Leona, Brennan on waking, and hec/sej/naut. That's so much damage and so much cc.

    Just need to work on our individual skill as well, I did see a lot of bad positioning and a lot of missed skill shots.

    I'd say if you work on your Leona a bit in solo queue Larry and maybe Mami so you can bust her out, that would be completely beneficial.

    The Annie with no damage doesn't seem to be working as great, and the Morgana is sub par without follow up with the tram which is what we are lacking.

    Matt needs to work on his sivir play to get that to a level with his jinx.

    Then we have kotoll who is a beast with hecarim, except he goes really balls deep sometimes without first assessing the situation and it gets him and others in bad spots. Usually that's not the case but there are often occasions where it happens multiple times in one game. Also needs to practice the smite timing. Definitely needs to start getting on Dejuan's and nautilus more though to fit better with the comps. I think hecarim is great when Brennan goes maokai so we have that crazy good frontline.

    Aside from that we have Brennan who for the most part does well everytime, maybe just focusing targets a smidge better but that's just because of the lack of target calls on my part, but sometimes I do feel like there is damage missing on his part when it should be there.

    I know I have lots of stuff to work on myself, but I am doing it, I also haven't taken as long as a break as most of you guys and play pretty much everyday so I for the most part know what to do during team fights all the time and will start calling targets.
  5. Lake Warlord

    Just because people have been playing while others took breaks doesn't mean everyone knows what they are doing. Most of us have still been playing Mobas. Your main problem is you played a lot of support and sometimes (rarely but it happens) get caught trying to peel initially when the midlane is an investment in farm. That's a carry role that we rely on to do dmg in the back line.
    The "bad" positioning is miss communication. The support and jungle should work to control the bulk of wards and ward protections. After I spend 2-3 minutes getting wards setup with pinks etc only to lose all positioning because we have everyone farming lanes before objectives is depressing. We should focus that farm on specific people while the rest controls the map. People have been laying wards but there's no point if we are not using them to out position the opposing team or giving up the control we have. And quite frankly I would say that as of late it seems our cc/initiate and follow up don't know what they are doing. Which is why Kat wrecked us in that one game. Like I said too much solo q, night blue will never be lcs material because his style is pubstar. That's what I'm trying to help our team do. I had to build tanky Annie because I had to initiate for us and then survive because the follow up is completely sub par
  6. Lake Warlord

    Setting up lanes to slow push while we setup ward control gives you lane and jungle pressure at the same time and often leads to picks or easy setup team fights if we have vision control
  7. Isy Lord

    Yeah, like I said, I have a lot of stuff to work on and I definitely know what it is. But as long as people are actively trying to get better.

    Being out playing other mobas doesn't directly transfer to the one you are currently playing, just like pros who go to a new moba aren't at the level they should be at just because they were at a high level in another game . Practice practice practice so as not to get into a complacent state where we think we know everything already.

    Positioning and team fighting are the focus right now. Then we should move on to rotating lanes and sieging.

    The thing I think we have right though are our champion pools. We each have a good champion pool and they are all interchangeable. Probably just need kotoll to expand to other jungles, Matt with sivir, and you to expand your supports as well.

    Maybe even try different lanes. Like I can do top supp or mid.

    I do need help knowing when to roam though. I try to roam sometimes but I don't do it as much as I should so I would appreciate it if you told me that you guys are good for a gank or something, that would help me.

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