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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

  2. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Note to Meph:

    Use SCV's to repair supply depots when attacked by zerg/zealots, and pump out 3-4 early marines to defend against an early push.
  3. You'd be better off with 1 to 2 marines and 2 to 3 marauders just in-case the zergy gets quick roaches.
  4. Torric Lord

    you can also keep a helion or viking behind the wall. They both out range roaches by 1.

  5. I'm so fuckin tired of trying to wall up, I've tried my hand at rushing a pair of barracks and it's worked well for me.

    I know about having SCV's repair the depots, prob I've had sometimes is that they go stupid on me and auto-repair the wrong shit, or just can't keep up.
  6. Analysis of that terran guide...

    1. Reaper Rush: Reapers are fun "Fuck you units" but only really effective if the opponant can't mount an effective defense. Prob is that you have to build the tech reactor to use them, then build a group, and that takes time. Against inexperienced opponants this is cake.. but I prefer my current starting strat of two barracks to rush out a handful of marines to scout the other guy out. Its quicker and provides an early rush defense that has teeth. If I feel like it I'll push out some reapers for a follow up, but again it isn't a strategy I'd rely upon to win me games.

    2. Wall in: yeah well already said my piece about that. But, see, after the first supply depot the next two you'll plop down to be a wall could have been an extra barracks and your first marine (of many). I'll still put up those static defenses, I just know better than to expect it to stop everything at this point.

    3. Early Banshees: I love me some air units, but like many raiding schemes its a trick that'll only work once. And its one that the other guy will have time to anticipate. Without building some vikings for backup your banshees are looking at being useless the second the other guy gets an air unit up. I will, however, say that this is a tactic that would make a great follow-up to ground based harrassment (reapers, marines, hellions).. the other guy will be dedicating attention and resources to repelling that. Its that pressure that will buy the time you need.

    4. High Ground: Tanks in siege mode is a givin, It's slowed me down a couple times, and I've used it to hold off guys at other times. It works, fuck the campaign even goes out of its way to illustrate that in a mission. My advice is to back it up with missile turrets, they provide both stealth detection and the anti-air ability which the siege tank sorely lacks.

    5. Supply blocking: Thats a given. See something vulnerable? Kill it. Duh.

    6. Avatar strategy: Pump marines followed by vikings. Thats basically how I ran my airforce in those early games. The prob I had in rushing to starports is that it left me vulnerable. In multiplayer games I end up having to go one of two routes. The first is rely upon allies to help defend until I'm able.. which leaves you vulnerable to being overwhelmed in a coordinated attack. The second is rush out those marines doubletime, followed by hellions, harass, and spam vikings while doing so. Either way, the key is to build up an economy that lets you constantly produce the fuckers.

    7/8. MMM and Unit drops: Harassment tactic I mentioned earlier. Its fun, just be careful not to drop them straight into combat like I did one time (Ouch).

    9. Thor shields: Fuck Thors, seriously. And fuck Battlecruisers while I'm at it. Yes, they're fuckoff huge and have lots of life. But you gotta be able to tech up to them first, and then have time to build enough of them to be a 'shield'. Ultimately both make a great all-rounder that can hit both ground and air, but you waste time trying to build a game winning army with only them. Keep them to a support role. (And use those battlecruisers cannons to knock out high priority enemy structures!). I've accomplished more by spamming vikings and rushing them at the guy trying to focus solely on the 'next big thing'.

    10. Siege tank positioning: See 'high ground'.

    11. In base scouting: dedicating an SCV or two to this slows down resource acquisition, which will put you behind the other guy. Just spread out those early supply depots. Put the first one or two at the ramp, and then put the rest around the edges of your starting location to give you a bit of 'early detection'. Only gotta worry about stealthers sneaking past that unnoticed.

    12. Nuke placement: That one is pretty much spot on. It can really ruin your day, I've never had it cost me a game, but it has really set me back in multiplayer, as it has you yourself Hades. If you're the nuker, I say priority is massed units preceeding a ground assault followed by using them to punch holes in an enemys wall.

    13/14/15. Versatility/Stim Packs/Map Control: Duh/Duh/Duh.

    -For Map control see the siege tank advice, plop those down outside the other guys base coupled with something to give them sight into it. Punch a hole through anti-air and detectors, follow it up with those banshees/vikings, go hog wild.
  7. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    This way you have air and ground covered. I've played plenty of matches against people who can crank these out pretty damn fast in the game. I won't or can't explain how, but obviously it can be done before I can get 2 void's out.
  8. If I can keep the fighting to the other guys turf long enough to put up three or four command centers, upgraded to orbital commands, I can pretty much rake in more resources than I need to keep 4 starports with that double building add-on (forget the name ;p) producing units at a steady rate. Usually if I'm doing that well the other guy isn't, and I can just wear him down by throwing wave after wave at him.

    I don't know what it takes to produce a void reaper, but you only need to build 3 buildings to start churning out vikings, and the starport can be upgraded to produce 2 at a time. I've never had a problem with void reapers when I've dedicated resources to an air force. Vikings just seem to eat them alive unless hopelessly outnumbered.
  9. Hades Lord of the Dead

    4 barracks marine/marauder zerg with some medivac support is my preferred style.

    Upgrade the damage via stimpack/combat shield, and get the level 1 upgrades from your engineering bay.

    Other than that keep your resources up, supply depots, and you can constantly churn out 20 marines in no time flat. I would send 1 set of 20 marines up with Kori, and by the time they got there I already had another 20 on the way, rinse...repeat.

    As long as Kori had air under control, I just buried the opponent with ground forces.
  10. can't speak for other races, but massed tanks in siege mode will eat an infantry swarm like that pretty quick. Now, if you keep them off balance long enough to prevent that.. thats another story.
  11. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    He's talking about 2's here. I just push in first with my rays, eat up your tanks (yummy) and Hade's and I are typically laughing out, "fuck yeah, we're gonna win this one".
  12. Well obviously someone is gonna go air if the other guy is doing a ground only unit, so I guess that leaves vikings, which are good at eating rays. :p
  13. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Kori we need to get some wins this weekend bro.
  14. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Free weekend, all chores are done, should be a good time.
  15. Guess I gotta drop the airforce rush strategy. It does alright in 2v2 but it can lose to an early rush in any other matchup.

    Still kinda thinkin Ravens are a must for support when goin up against someone churning out cloaked units, tho.
  16. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Ravens are good for mid game, but early game you're not contributing enough to joint offense or defense in 3v3 or 4v4.

    Build for early game, and adjust accordingly if early rushes or early defenses cause us to have to move to a mid game strat.
  17. been doin the 3 barracks thing with mixed success in 1v1. I can cream a lot of zerg or toss players with it, Its mostly other Terran players that go mech that lay a smackdown on me.
  18. Fuck man, some of us need to start contesting resources better.

    And if some dumbass protoss player is spamming nothing but stalkers backed up by detection units build a handful of ravens to back up your army. They'll see cloaked probes and their point defense drones stop a stalkers attack dead, between point defense and seeker missiles they can help turn the fight in your favor.

    Anything is better than just hiding your army in your starting base.
  19. You should never have a problem against mass stalkers doing the M&M build. If you are... then you are doing something very very wrong.

  20. been seein a lot of counters to M&M's, namely Colossus and Brood Lords, as of late.

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