Terror Tactics (Not your Mullah's army)

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  1. This came to mind from reading a team player discussion. Basically my noob analysis of the Terran's hit and run abilities. What follows is a break down of some units and a lot of words.

    You've got reapers, who can jump terrain, bypassing any sort of wall or chokepoint you've set up early game. Downside being that they're squishy. (As a side-note, as a Terran player I've made great use of the fast moving light infantry roasting hellion as a rapid responder. A handful will keep those squishy wall jumpers at bay.)

    Marines air dropped by medivac. If there is a hole in their base defenses you can plop down a small army rather quickly. I learned the hard way that dropping them straight into combat is pointless, however. I haven't tried Marauders or ghosts with a medivac, but I imagine it would play to similar effect. Again, squishy, but the point here is to distract and potentially wreak havoc, not be an all conquering army (although that happens sometimes, too). For raiding parties I prefer the medivac in a get in-get out transport role. Spamming marines is easy, medivacs takes more time and resources, only commit them if you're going for broke.

    Vikings, which are dual purpose. Anti air unit which can land and become a ground based unit. Downside is that it can only play one role at a time. Again, another wall hopper.. a more powerful (yet more expensive) version of the reaper. The main disadvantage I've had (other than teching up and cost) with these guys is finding landing space. A large army of them can crush many foes, but they can't land on top of each other. I've taken more losses than I needed to a number of times because they refused to land on each other, or the enemy.

    I've also had fun with Ravens, while it takes a bit to charge their energy up if you can get a small group into the enemy's resource gathering areas and spawn a handful of turrets you'll eat their collectors alive if they ignore the threat. Downside to these guys is that they're rather slow, they also seem to get eaten alive by anti-air units.

    Thats just a drop in the bucket for forces that can bypass chokepoints and static defenses. I'm also ignoring conventional forces which can't bypass terrain, like the fast moving hellion.. and the rest of the terran's air arsenal.

    I'm sure Sal would tear up my noobish analysis, but Terrans seem suited to turtling up and fighting a defensive war (bunkers, siege tanks, etc..), adding the above terror tactics to keep the pressure up on the enemy forces him to compensate either through resource loss or focusing more on building his defenses... and, hopefully, pressuring him into making mistakes.

    Probably the hardest war as a terran player is the intel war. You need to keep up to date on the layout of his defenses, otherwise you might just be throwing meat into the grinder. You also can't keep the other guy guessing if he can see what you're doing. Every race has its own scouts and detectors, and your fellow Terrans have sensor sweeps which can't be prevented. Whats seemed most effective in my experience is building proxy armies while hiding the real thing in the wilderness/map edges. Keep those fast moving vikings close by but out of your base, while spamming marines or whatnot and leaving them in a place they'll get noticed. If you're playing your economy right the resource cost should be negligible. Worst case you've created a distraction (the point), best case your proxies will do something useful (bonus!).

    ...one of these days I'll figure out a way to use planetary fortresses in an offensive role.. =|
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  4. Yeah, I've tried it for sheer comedy value it just hasn't worked as a rush tactic for me.

    Currently I'm thinkin it wouldn't be a bad way to cut the enemy off from certain areas of the map, which could come in handy when you're up against someone who refuses to stay dead.
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    I wonder if it would work better if he built planetary first, while gathering resources, then flew over, and started firing the second he landed
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    You can't lift off with a planetary
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    Ah didn't know since i build orbital first and then fly it to generate energy during that time. Figured planetary worked the same way. Has anyone tried fast expand and fly it to your opponents natural expansion, to block him in his own base, or too many enemy units by the time it gets there?
  8. Terrible idea because of the distance between you and your expansion, you can not properly defend it... And he only has to walk out of his main to assault that base.
  9. just came a little bit at the thought of a 4 terran player fortress rush.
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    I terrorize people with nukes and it's funny to see the reactions. It ranges from insulting to outright rage quitting. There are times when all I do is mass my army outside their base and drop a nuke on their front door and folks will quit.

    I reckon folks aren't accustomed to dealing with them often, I mean they're so easy to counter it's not even funny, but so far, I've had pretty good success dropping nukes on expansions and walled off sections of bases. Hell, hehe, I even dropped a nuke in a guys base this evening while I was in the base killing it, just to add the cherry on top of his ass whooping.

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