The Awakening releases July 10!

Discussion in 'Path of Exile' started by Andalamar, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Sup LotD.

    I've been keeping tabs on this game, and the planned Awakening (free) expansion goes live tomorrow, July 10 at Noon PST, 3 PM EST.

    The Awakening is an entire new act, massive revamps to a LOT of things in the game including the passive skill tree. The addition of socketable Jewels to the passive tree enhances a lot of it's features and allow for more options in the tree itself. On top of that, two new 3-4 month temp leagues are taking off as well.

    I personally very much like the idea of making a lot of necessary, build-enabling support gems available from vendors throughout the acts. Gems like Multistrike, Spell Echo, LMP/GMP (maybe) can now be bought for reasonably cheap.

    Official website info:
    Do click the links in that page for more information about each individual point.

    I'll be playing this game again come tomorrow, so hit me up if you'd like to team up. I plan on playing the Tempest League (4-month Hardcore league).
  2. tordana Active Member

    Still playing? Just saw this thread, there's another one in another section. I'm up to level 55 in Tempest, just about to finish A3 Cruel and then farm for a while before pushing through A4.
  3. There is another thread in another section? Okay. I didn't see it, so please link it to me when you have a moment.

    Yeah, still playing. Just ripped yesterday morning though, so my current character is about to enter Cruel. Current character name is AndasCompensation.

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