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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Valor, Jan 3, 2007.

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  3. Laaritan New Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    both are going to be amazing, so hard to choose which is better. Is there a place to see movies that are coming out?
  4. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    300 looks awesome
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    I have to admit... spiderman without mary-jane would be one of the best stories ever.... but the whole love story just totally messes up the plot. I mean hell if i had spider powers... ONE NIGHT STAND 7 days a week.

    Anyways thats just one married mans opinion.
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    Re: Best Movie of 07

    Is vemon even going to be in spider-man 3? The trailer made it seem like the movie was peter trying to get rid of the symbiote and fighting the sand-man. I hope vemon is more than just a cameo at the end cuz i can't wait another 3 years to watch them fight. Though of course the movie could be like 4hrs, which would be sweet. Anyone even know what I'm talkin about?
  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    well according to the comics(i read like 4) "venom" gets the black suite not too long after spiderman ditches it. But who knows if they will drag that out into the 4th movie
  10. Re: Best Movie of 07

    I'm pretty sure they've said Venom won't be in #3.
  11. Sithral Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    You guys like some gay shit. Spiderman would only be cool with Venom. 300 doesn't look that hot. Transformers might be cool. TMNT - i think that's a played out bit.
  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    no one likes a hater
  13. Jin Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    Trailer looks awesome, but the director shouldn't even be allowed to be near a set.
  14. Sithral Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    I understand where you are coming from, but I think the term hater is misused.

    If you had made or performed or contributed to any of the movies I had aforementioned the use of the term would be valid.

    However, I was just giving my opinion on movies presented in this topic. What I took from the topic, title "Best Movie of...", made me think that people's opinions on the releases of the year is what was asked.

    I will apologize that I did not contribute anything to this thread that was productive towards its original intent.

    Here is what I am interested in:

    The Number 23 - for the sole reason that is beind dericted by schumacher. He is an underrated director, and I have liked almost everything he has released. Its weakness is the cast - Jim Carey is the wild card in the equation, and I'm not a fan of Virginia Madsen. In their defense, off the top of my head they haven't worked with a director of this calibur.

    Letters from Iwo Jima - Clint Eastwood directing, great plot, and the Japanese Samurai from Last Samurai. You might not have liked the movie, but you can't tell me this guy wasn't saving it with his performance.

    Some I am curious about:
    Hannibal Rising (Its fucking Hannibal)
    Zodiac (Fight Club, Seven director)
    Shooter (Training day director)
    Grindhouse(Quentin Tarantino and a lot of curiosity)
    The Kingdom (Jamie Foxx, who has went from someone I couldn't stand to someone I'm liking more and more, plus the director of Very Bad Things)
    Children of Men (Clive Owen + a good plot, who knows)
    Smokin Aces (no real reason, just plot + jeremy piven)
  15. Sithral Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    lols, forgot about Dungeon Siege

    Jason Statham (Snatch, Transporter), Ray Liotta, and the greatest actor to ever live, Burt Reynolds.

    Not holding my breath.
  16. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    No one likes a smartass either :D i guess your 0 for 2
  17. Laaritan New Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    so what do yall think of Ghost Rider? Think it will be any good?
  18. KallDrexx New Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    Woah missed the Sithral talking about Hannibal rising. That movie looks good!
  19. Detritus Lord

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    Have you watched the trailer? This looks like the movie to end all movies about the war to end all wars... which is to say; it will bore the crap out of everyone and no one will ever want to make a WWII movie again.

    I'm with you on this. The cast is pretty packed, and although the trailer makes it look like it's going to be an MTV movie in the vain of Fast and Furious, it has Jeremy Piven in lead so it can't be that bad...
  20. Jin Member

    Re: Best Movie of 07

    I'm gonna say it right now:

    Letters from Iwo Jima is bullshit. Most of the japanese soldiers were blood thirsty, murdering little fucks. Though this may not have been so much their inherent nature, but the propaganda they grew up with, I just find it difficult to deal with a movie that glorifies this shit.

    I don't believe I've seen "Letters from Auschwitz" yet, so I guess hollywood hasn't fallen that far, but LFIJ isn't far away.

    The constant denial of any of their wartime atrocities by Japanese conservatives, the way they brush it off.
    What's worst is most people don't know some important facts:

    Number of Jewish civilians who died at the hands of the Nazis: 6000000 (6 million)
    Number of Chinese Civilians who died from the japanese: 9000000 (9 million)
    Number of Japanese Civilians who died in WWII (including the nukes): 350,000

    There are various pictures one can look up, with japs using their dogs to eviscerate civilians, hanging them by their tongues, and used as bayonet practice, all while they were alive. The most aggravating thing about these pictures is that you see these fucks smiling.


    I understand Eastwood's fairness in showing both sides of the war, but no. Fuck them.

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