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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Valor, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  2. Chaotix Warlord

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Just a fyi costco sells all movie tickets for significantly cheaper. For example For Ultrastar movie chain they sell for 6.5 and for Regal they sell for 7.5. Also the entertainment book sells them for relatively the same price as well. Also Friday papers tend to offer tickets for 5.5. Bad economy so just a tip for those cutting back a bit.
  3. Re: Movies of 2009

    The road is a must see !!!
  4. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Wow, Valor, I have to say that's pretty gay of you. You know that movie is basically soft gay pr0n, right?

    As for the best movies of 2009 that I've actually seen-

    Paranormal Activity- Hands down, probably the best horror film made in the past 15 years.

    Pandorum- Much better than expected, reminds me of Event Horizon in a way. Well worth the price of a ticket.

    Taken- Again, much better than expected. A bit predictable, but Liam Neeson was surprisingly good in an action role.

    Star Trek- Great film, looking forward to the sequel.

    Drag Me to Hell- If you like Sam Raimi (not the Spiderman crap paycheck films, but REAL Raimi), then you'll love this.

    District 9- Another great low-budget film. Too bad most idiotic Americans won't like it because the people 'talk funny'.

    Inglourious Basterds- Tarentino hits the mark again. Christoph Waltz deserves the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Hans Landa.

    Jennifer's Body- Surprisingly funny. Megan Fox is still a shit actress, but the supporting cast is pretty good, especially the smokin hot Amanda Seyfried.

    Zombieland- Funny as hell, even though the dweeby kid from Superbad gets on my nerves. He reminds of of what Gaun is like in real life.

    And, although technically not a 2009 release, the film Once was absolutely fantastic.
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Sherlock Holmes books line my shelves... not quite sure about the whole gay porn thing.. maybe you got it mixed up with some of the other things you were watching?

    Zombieland is still probably the best movie of the year IMO.
  6. Miira Lord

    Re: Movies of 2009

    This seems to be something you guys would normally like.
  7. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    Re: Movies of 2009

    I'm not talking about the books. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a very good writer. But the upcoming film is nothing but a man-candy extravaganza. I figured since you joined the Corps to shower with dudes, and this is the gays most anticipated film of the year... you see where I'm going here right??? :cool:
  8. Re: Movies of 2009

    I loved a lot of the movies spoken about here.

    Harry Brown is one of the best I have seen this year and easy to find to download on the net.

    Although some will laugh....

    The Princess and the Frog was absolutely awesome, very funny and classic Disney. It's nice to see them bringing real animation back into their movies.
  9. Dozel Member

    Re: Movies of 2009

    i thought they did a great job with gi joe.

    they cheesed up the second transformers, it was alright.

    rise of the lycans was fairly good, liked the first two better though. (or the last two if you consider this the first haha)

    seven pounds was a good movie to watch

    i still want to see star trek soon
  10. Kotoll Lord

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Walked out on GI Joe.
  11. perilX Administrator

    Re: Movies of 2009

    I just watched GI Joe two days ago, it was meh. I didn't like the cartoon though so my childhood wasn't destroyed. Fav movie of 2009? Where the Wild Things Are.
  12. Zema New Member

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Zombieland or Inglorious Basterds for best movie of 2009.

    As for GI Joe oh what a joke that movie was. They messed up on some very key parts and was almost as bad as Transformers 2 maybe worse.
  13. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  14. Cedwyn Banned

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Breakdown of my thoughts on 2009 movies:

    Terminator: Salvation - Awesome.
    Pandorum - Pretty good.
    Up - Good.
    Planet 51 - Good.
    Paul Blart Mall Cop - Awful.
    Outlander - Cool.
    Underworld - Good.
    Taken - Ok.
    Push - Ok.
    Watchmen - Good.
    Race to Witch Mountain - Ok/Stupid.
    Knowing - Ok.
    Fast and Furious - Good.
    Dragonball - Surprisingly good.
    Crank 2 - Ok.
    Terra - Ok/Stupid.
    Wolverine - Good.
    Star Trek - Great.
    Angels and Demons - Good.
    Night at the Museum 2 - Good.
    Land of the Lost - Pretty good.
    Year One - Ok.
    Transformers 2 - Ok.
    Public Enemies - Good.
    Harry Potter - Good.
    GI Joe - Stupid.
    District 9 - Great.
    Carriers - Ok.
    Gamer - Ok.
    Zombieland - Stupid.
    2012 - Decent.
  15. Sleeth New Member

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Watchmen and Dragon Ball were 2 of the worst movies of the year. Please o please put your blue penis away! Damn buy a speedo, something.
  16. Cedwyn Banned

    Re: Movies of 2009

    What are you talking about? Avatar? Blue Penis?

  17. Thorne Lord

    Re: Movies of 2009

    My 2 favorites were definitely Ninja Assassin and Zombieland. Extract with Jason Bateman was also up there in my top 5 for the year.
  18. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Avatar is just another tree hugger sci-fi flicks. The movie was beautiful and the acting abover average... but the scripting and plot were horrid.

  19. Kotoll Lord

    Re: Movies of 2009

    Best family movie: Up
    Documentary: Capitalism: A Love Story
    Best war movie: Hurt locker
    Drama: The Blind Side
    Romance: (500) Days of Summer
    Comedy: The Hangover
    Horror: Zombieland

    Best of the big budget movies: Star Trek

    Haven't seen these but there a few more movies worth seeing this year.
    Up In The Air - winning a whole bunch of awards already.
    Sherlock Holmes - apparently won't disappoint
    Nine - musical chick flick. But its got Daniel Day-Lewis who is probably one of the most underrated actors popularity wise.

    And as an extra bonus. These people will be up for an academy award.

    Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side. She really does make this movie work.
    Meryl Streep – Julie & Julia. She is there every year and did a great job of recreating Julia Child.
    Mo'nique – Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire. Another comedian proves they can really act. Shoe-in to win best supporting actress.
  20. Re: Movies of 2009

    Kotoll go see The Road

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