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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mephiston, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. We got pictures, we got pictures with titties. We got other shit that I forget because I'm kinda drunk. Now its time for a music thread, show off your tunes.

    First off lets represent my hometown...

    Then something oldschool..

    Then a one hit wonder..

    And then something international.. (I know he don't sound it but they're dutch or something)
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    ok, here's a quaint little diddy list.

    Bonfire party music '90:
    Helmet: Unsung

    The only dance club in Northern Wisconsin back in '92:
    Hocus Pocus: Here's Johnny
    (hey, if you couldn't get laid in this place, you were legally dead, even then.....)

    This is what I'm listening to now when gaming:
    KMFDM: Stray Bullet
    Skindred: Nobody
    (hits in the middle, fucking awesome)

    My oldest kids gf did a pom pom routine to this:
    (didn't go over well in this uptight town)

    I also like Enya, WTF is wrong with me? The singer Nir, don't punch me in the head.
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    Music threads never go over well. By the end of the first page, people start posting the most obscure shit they know, just so they can seem "deep".
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    But aren't we all shallow?
  7. ^^^I'm just trying to post shit I don't think everyone's heard before. :p



    Lets get some vocalists with boobies in here.

    Goldfrapp <---I wanna put it in her butt.

    Sneaker Pimps <---Not shown in this video, snaggle toothed. But I'd put it in her butt too. ;p
  8. Liking art in any form doesn't make you deep. Creating it does.
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    Oh yeah.:D
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    Jesus Built My Hotrod

    You win.
    But this version has an edited beginning.

    here's the original

    'soon i discovered that this rock thing was true
    jerry lee lewis was the devil
    jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet
    all of the sudden i found my self in love with the world
    so there was only 1 thing i could do
    was ding a ding dang my ding a long ling long

    This cd is still in my car.
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  17. Crazy white-boy stalker rap/spoken word:

    Unpatriotic black albino muslim:

    Journalist turned poet turned hip hop artist who pretends he's a travelling knife salesman:

    Uhhh... Flyentology...


    Annnd then this guy..

    Am I obscure enough yet?
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    Mephiston, big ups for listening to both Sage Francis and the Rhymesayers crew. Dr. Octagon too... I'm impressed. Seems I'm not the only one into underground hip hop.
  19. hah, I didn't bother with slug or aesop but I like them too. ;p

    I had the benefit some years back of working with a few indie artists and a producer who turned me on to the scene.

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