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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mephiston, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Torric Lord

  2. Torric Lord

    Fall is here, and I'm still dreaming of a beach somewhere. Damn you Corona commercials!

    Kygo is killing it lately, search him out.
  3. Torric Lord

    More pop music to brighten your day, or ruin it I guess.

  4. Torric Lord

  5. Arkanni Member

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  6. Torric Lord

    This is the gayest shit ever but I love it for some reason. I can't stop laughing. These guys the new Bloodhound Gang?

    Check out this cool bus I founds. I got this cool map. You should wear these pop pops. We are going to most power happy place on planet globes.
  7. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    bumping - need new music!
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  13. El Topo Lord

  14. Lyche New Member

    King Fantastic - Spooky Spooks and the Trouble with Capitalism -
  15. Lyche New Member

    Ren Da Mudville King - All American
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  16. Torric Lord

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  17. Who doesn't like a lil bit of ultra violence? And hey, sex sells. *wink wink*

    At the very least, it's worth it for the hot dog slap.
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  18. Flo Inactive Chapter Member

    Can't go wrong with some QOTSA:

    And bonus: The best female fronted rock band I've heard in years. Buy their album, it's fuckin great!

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  19. Gedwyn A more canadian Cedwyn

    Yep - that album is 2 years old soon and still on fairly heavy rotation for me. Listened to it last night actually.

    Cheers for Blue Pills - will check them out.

    Been digging into these guys lately - QOTSA like I guess, at least in terms of some of the riffs

    And if you haven't heard these 2 guys yet, definitely worth a listen. They are opening for the Foo's this summer. Can't wait - should be a great show.

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  20. Flo Inactive Chapter Member

    Royal Blood! That's the band I heard once and liked, and then promptly forgot the name of. Off to nab their album before I forget again... I'm digging Wallace Vanborn, definitely has a QOTSA feel to em. :)

    Edit: speaking of Foo, their recent album rocks and I'm not even normally a fan of them. (No real reason, just never was a band that clicked for me beyond a couple songs. <3 Dave though.)

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