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  1. Gedwyn A more canadian Cedwyn

    Yeah liking Sonic Highways a lot, but I'm a little biased - pretty huge Foo's fan.

    Going to see these guys and gal tonite. Love the energy on their album.

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  2. Gedwyn A more canadian Cedwyn

    I guess I killed the thread with the Post Hardcore stuff. Kk...I will try to keep it a little more palatable :p
    (and in case you were wondering - and you probably weren't - the Marmozets were incredible live)

    Been revisiting stuff lately...and digging thru Oasis. Great band imo - and a band I've kind of forgotten about, so I've gone about reminding myself.

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  3. Flo Inactive Chapter Member

    When I'm in a hipster duel, and sharing awesome lesser known musicians with folks, sElf is my go to band. You can think of him as a mix of Prince, Beck, and his own unique spin. Kinda weird, electronic/pop rock, but brilliant songwriting. Matt Mahaffery is the brains behind it, and he's been on the brink of getting "big" with sElf for nearly 20 years. So he's actually made his living doing jingles (expedia... DOT COMMM. Yeah that's the dude.), production work for other musicians, scoring for animations, and doing songs for stuff like Shrek, etc. He's the 'well known in the industry, unknown outside it', kinda guy.

    He went nearly a decade without putting out sElf music (his brother who he worked with passed away from cancer..) and I've been thrilled to see him back doing stuff.

    Here's a cute video he did for his recent song Runaway:

    Cannon is a great oldie of theirs:

    Just love his work as they're always so refreshingly original. He did a great TEDX talk a while ago talking about songwriting, check it out!

    you might recognize him from this little viral video.. :p

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  4. Torric Lord

    Yes it just happened. I linked a song with Justin Bieber in it and no, I don't give a *&%#.
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  5. El Topo Lord

    I saw a movie called The Guest that has a great soundtrack, so I thought I'd share some of the songs here. It has a great 80's vibe.

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  8. Party Music/drinking music

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    Damn, Hud Mo's killing it.

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    Happy 4th to y'all south of the border. Play safe!

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    I'm glad I find this guy when I did. Better late than never.

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