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  1. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    I figured we'd start a standalone thread for Vaping since it's gaining popularity and I know that there are many users in our community that partake. I found a ton of really helpful/useful advice when I was looking to get my parents into it. I was a pack a day smoker for a decade before Shay came along. I wish they would have had something like this back then, lol.

    I'm sure others who smoke - or are maybe just interested in what all the hub-bub is about - will find some useful info within.

    Still Saying To Yourself, What Is Vaping?

    What is vaping? It is so much like smoking, but you’re not using any tobacco or getting any tar or the other dangerous additives that are in cigarettes. Also, you don’t have to worry about producing any second hand smoke for others to breathe. The vapor doesn’t have the smell of cigarettes and it evaporates into the air in about 3 or 4 seconds.

    What about the cost? Vaping works out to be about half of what cigarettes cost! There’s one more reason to vape, instead of smoking cigarettes (dejar de fumar). Here are some e cigarette reviews.

    Vaping instead of smoking? Let’s look at it this way: People smoke because of their addiction to nicotine, but there are other reasons, too. They have gotten used to putting something in their mouth, holding something in their fingers and using smoking as a social habit.

    Vaping with electronic cigarettes is almost identical to this “habit” that you have been keeping for how many years? You will still get your nicotine, inhale your smoke, hold something in your fingers and put something in your mouth. Which is the best vapor cigarette for you?

    Here are some advantages of E-cigs:
    • No More Bad/Smoker’s Breath
    • No More Offensive Smoke
    • No Ash
    • No Fire / No Flame
    • Cheaper than Cigarettes
    • More Cost Effective/Saves Money
    • No Butts
    • Less Waste
    • Smoking Alternative\Alternative to Smoking
    • Non –intrusive
    • Smoke More Freely
    • Smoke “almost” Anywhere
    • No Social Stigmas
    • Provides an Authentic Smoking Experience
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  2. Kog Active Member

    Sooooo... Imma share some of my favorite juices and vaping hardware for this thread! - Kraken Vapor - A friend of mine's shop, and although I haven't tried her Game of Ohms line yet, i've tried all the other premium juices she makes..Valkyrie and Cerberus are fantastic. - Five Pawns - A premium juice company.. Gambit is pretty much the greatest apple pie flavored e-juice on the market, Castle Long is an amazing burbon-y flavor, Grandmaster is stunningly delicious, and Queenside is this amazing orange flavor. - Seduce Juice - Jezebel is amazing, and very reasonably priced. This is also where one can acquire juices from People's Vape, specifically Kremlin (if you like pistachios and cinnamon). Also available from this site are the various Suicide Bunny flavors, Mother's Milk and Sucker Punch are ones that i would recommend wholeheartedly. Upon checking the site out, it appears that they have added the ability to order some of the King of the Clouds juices, which is intriguing, as I've tried Wicked Nectar and was very impressed, although, i would not recommend the KotC juices for standard tank style ecig setups, as they are very VG heavy (vegetable glycerin), which makes them very ticket and more geared for RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) set ups. - Youc an acquire Pinup Vapor's juices here, I personally very highly recommend Lana and Betty, which are my two favorites. Another of the really thick variety of VG heavy juices, very much lots flavor. It appears you are also able to acquire juices from Æon, which is pretty awesome, as Jedi Juice is an awesome flavor. - VaporDNA carries The Standard, which is pretty amazing. I've tried Frankenvape, which was alright, it was a little too sweet for me, but, Thumper is what i've been vaping as my regular day-to-day juice until... well, yesterday when my bottle ran out. - Slartibartfast is the only product I have had the pleasure of trying from this particular craftsman, but... the short answer was "hell yes."


    If people want to more about the hardware I use regularly, I use a Tyr RDA ( or a Cerberus RDA ( on a copper Hades 26650 mechanical mod (, although, i'm not sure if i'd order my hardware from those links, as i personally havent used those shops.. i purchased my hardware from a physical local shop.

    As far as other mods, i have an innokin itazte VTR and a Panzer 18650 mechanical, and a few of iClear30ses, some ProTankII/IIIs, an Ithaka clone called a Magoo, and a Kayfun 3.1

    Another piece of advice : never ever order from fasttech if you can avoid it. It's not worth the headache, and 90% of what gets shipped is poor quality knockoff/clones of what you thought you ordered, which is why it's so outrageously cheap.

    ...upon reading this, it occurs to me i might have a problem.
    ...i'm out of ejuice.
  3. SisterMaddox New Member

    nice i have an 18650 surefire king v2 clone and an igo-m dripper, and i have a copper sir lancelot and a brass stillare with cheff enuff drip cap.
  4. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    The best advice I can give someone who is interested in vaping (instead of smoking) Go down to a larger 'vapor store' and try out as much stuff as you can.

    When we were looking they had all their juices and a few different types of batteries and atomizers (with like 100 different flavors) you can just sit and 'test'

    You'll find a flavor, nicotine level and tank type that you like the best.

    We ended up going with some EVOD Mega - with a 1600mah passthrough, mini-usb charger on the bottom - so you can vape and charge at the same time if needed., without having a second battery.

    Double coil gives a better hit and flavor IMO, VS the little cheap-o CE4 (which are as waste of money) and only uses slightly more juice per hit.

    Here's a good summary/review for the EVOD's we got:

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  6. Kog Active Member

    nice setup Sanjo.
    I just got ahold of some of the Five Pawns Castle Long Reserve. It's amazing, at least, out of my little Kayfun 3.1 tank.. it's a little rough out of a .3Ohm dripper though :/
  7. SisterMaddox New Member

    sweet. right now im vaping Cottos Revenge - sophisticated. at .37 i'm chucking the clouds out
  8. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    It's a great starter set.

    You can get a pretty nice hit off of the double coil - doesn't pop/sputter too much.

    I have been looking around at "can you vape essential oils" I've heard of people using like peppermint oil for respiratory stuff, cinnamon, etc - but I've also read that it's harmful and can cause pneumonia to vape essential oils. So I don't really know what the definitive answer is - if anyone else knows I'd appreciate the education. :)

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