The Witness - Lost meets Myst - first person puzzle game

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  1. Cedwyn Banned

    I think it is an FPS if S stands for Simulation...


    Steam page:

    Really fun and immersive game with challenging puzzles. A lot of the areas remind me of Myst or Lost. The game looks nice too (vibrant, colourful). There are also a bunch of neat perspective based puzzles and scenes (ie. lining up flowers to solve a puzzle).

    The puzzles can be a little repetitive, so it may not be for everyone. If you do puzzles daily (ie. newspaper, sudoku, crossword, etc.), you'll enjoy the quantity of puzzles (500+) and perspective challenges. Some puzzles are really hard, especially the perspective ones. Hidden areas that require exploring. Some collectibles (audio/video). Moderate replayability (if given enough time to forget where all the puzzles/solutions are, ie. a few years)

    Steam reviews are generally good, but I disagree with a lot of the top negative responses. A lot of these reviews say the game is too repetitive (which game isn't?), but I don't agree - the puzzles look similar but there are enough game elements to change it up. Also I laugh at the reviewers who say the game is 'preachy' or 'pretentious' - people love to read between the lines and complain about the smallest things. These same people probably call HL2 unrealistic because there is teleportation...

    Also, the game uses nvidia tech, so amd users should probably steer clear until they resolve the issues.

    Also also, after playing the game for a while, you may start seeing circles attached to squiggly lines in real life... it is a curse...
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  2. El Topo Lord

    Yeah, this looks pretty good. Just playing to many games right now I'll keep it on my wishlist.

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