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Discussion in 'Camelot Unchained' started by Trial, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    Hi All,

    I am back after getting married and ready to kick this into high gear.

    I have done some alphas and the like but havent had nearly the time to dedicate to this as id like. Well that all changes now!!

    Who is PUMPED!?!?!

    See you all on ventrillo very soon!
  2. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    You are not in the right section Trial. This isn't crowfall! :p. Welcome back even if you are playing the wrong game.
  3. Haiden Lord

    I know everyone is excited about crowfall but this is the cu boards. Crowfall has their own fanboi section on the forums. Find it. Use it. Stay there. If you have no I interest in cu that's fine. Leave those of us that are interested alone. I'm not just calling you out devil. This is a stupid fucking common theme on the cu boards.
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  4. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    This was a small joke towards trial, as I liked trial from AA. It was not meant to be an in your face play at cu. I already read and know trial is interest in cu from his other post.
    I feel as though you are attacking me for joking around. I don't like this. We all know cu and crowfall have a pull on different people in the guild. Don't get upset over something as small as a joke. If I posted something bashing cu or propping crowfall I would understand, but this? I expected more from you.

    Edited as I was bad at typing on my phone.
  5. Haiden Lord

    Look at other threads on this board
    This isn't personal towards you I just finally said something that has been bothering me about how the cf community of lotd sometimes acts towards cu
  6. Haiden Lord

    With that said devil you are right. I did over react. So I appologize. I suppose I am just disapointed with the guilds overall interest in cu and the more and more obvious choice of having to play with another guild for cu is a bit taxing.

    The way some members have hijacked threads to bash cu whenever the opportunity presents itself is like salt in the wound.
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  7. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    I am reading CU forums in case I like what CU does. I like to tease about Crowfall vs CU. But if that is the situation, then I will stop.
  8. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    cant wait to get involved in Friday Night Fight Nights - Has anyone done that yet?
  9. Devilman Inactive Chapter Member

    I saw that on the massively overpowered website. Is that under NDA? Is there any video of it?
  10. Trial Inactive Chapter Member

    NDA, can't share details- that said I haven't done it yet so none to share anyhow.

    Go pledge get an alpha or beta key and check it out :)

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