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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by darksidexin, May 28, 2017.

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    Hey guy i fairly new to the guild, however my lack of history doesn't stop the feeling of belonging to this guild like a second family, with that said i am looking for a list of people that want to headline or even be apart of the "Stream" team if is allowed in guild even handle a larger role in helping with anything i can with new up and coming games Crowfall, Dauntless, COD WW2, Etc. With this in mind if Leadership would allow or like in the best interest for me to headline this project i am willing to dedicate the time to develop the brother/sisterly love we offer as a community that i felt apart from the beginning. so if you want to be apart of this team or want to discuss this topic. We have a unique opportunity to grow and i want to provide a great content for the guild

    "Back to the corner, Enemies closing in, Swords Clinched in hand, Ready to Die"
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