UFC Ultimate Fight Night

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wabbit, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Wabbit Guest

    Anyone else watching? Should be some good fights tonight.
  2. Wabbit Guest

    Bah. It's over and the fights weren't that great. Main event of the evening lasted 20 seconds...
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Thats about typical for good fighters.... Crappy fighters are the ones that are typically long and drawn out.
  4. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    UFC is a sport, not fighting. If it was fighting, people should be worried about dying.

  5. Sithral Member

    A good fighter vs. a bad fighter yes, it will be short. But two good fighters will generally go a full match.
  6. Sithral Member

    Coming from a guy who gets in real fights all the time.
  7. Ezreal Guest

    5 people have died in UFC already...
  8. Sithral Member

    Nobody has ever died in a UFC event nor any sanctioned MMA event for that matter.

    I have followed the sport since its inception.

    You have a better chance of dying in boxing due to the standing 10 count, which is why there have been hundreds of boxing related deaths.
  9. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    Goodness no. Why would you want to get in any fight IRL? But there's a big difference between 'tap-out' training and 'letting' someone put a sharp sword at the base of your skull knowing full well that your life can end in a heartbeat.

    That's the key difference between the two in my eyes. UFC has rules. It'd be much different if it was 'to the death' kind of a thing. And, sadly, that's closer to what 'real fighting' is like. It's a completely different mindset and mentality.

    This doens't mean Mr UFC can't kick some serious ass. Because he can. Just like Mike Tyson. But it's still 'sport' to me because their training is 'sport' limited :)
  10. Sithral Member

    When you allow someone to place a sword at the base of your skull you really don't believe that your life can end at any moment. You rationalize that it is possible, but you know that the person doing it has done it to many people before you and he hasn't killed any of them.

    What you mean to compare tapout training to is possibly survival training. The type of training people use to prepare for genuinely life threatening arenas such as warfare.

    But other than your distorted analogy, I agree.
  11. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    My example was extreme, yes. But in all honesty I don't know that I won't be killed or severely injured. I've been in training where I've had ribs/arms broken and knocked unconscious and left on the floor while folks continued. I've also been in training where I barely get touched yet the dude teaching unleashes on both his partners knees to the point where a few years later the guy still has trouble with his legs (and still trains with said teacher).

    You're correct in that, for the most part, we assume that our lives and bodies will be spared. But part of the training is being able to deal with those situations. Can you accept being broken and continue to live? It's really a cool metaphor for life in general. No matter how much shit you get hit by- even facing the upraised sword, can you still continue to live and smile with the heart of a flower?

    Mmm, Zen baby :)
  12. Chupin Guest

    Jesus Christ you are fucking nuts.
  13. Sithral Member

    Whatever makes you think you are cooler than the next guy, gratz.

    BTW I can still kick your ass.
  14. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    It's not an issue of cooler. I'm a dork. I freely admit it. And I'm a bit nuts. It's said that you really have to be a fool with a one track mind to really get this shit. After all, how else do you understand something that was created in war for war in a time of peace? This is a very important thing to understand. True arts survive war and know peace. When you hear sayings like 'The warrior's heart holds harmony as sacred' and 'the way of the warrior is death' you need to feel in your core the essence of these teachings. How do you find peace and harmony when every day you are faced with combat and death? How do you endure and persevere when you're outnumbered 50-1 and are being hunted down in your homeland? The answer lies (in part) with the second saying: 'the way of the warrior is death'... not the death of the body, but death of the ego, of the self. Through the ideas of non-attachment, letting go, etc can you be in harmony and persevere/endure. These other arts that I speak are very interesting in that the movements manifest that and require that. Funny how some of the first techniques have the pre-requisite of you being enlightened. And that was written 500 years ago and existed long before that.

    It's not about cooler or kicking ass, but actually LIVING. Budou is just that - a PATH (michi, dou) that you follow. Not a hobby, not a sport, but life itself. Through BEING a certain way- not training/practicing being a certain way but actually being that way- you can face death, you can face the upraised sword, you can understand 'sacrifice' and know that in a sport match like ufc bouts or boxing, that just isn't there and you can understand just how totally different that is and why I say what I say and do what I do.

    All it takes is just a difference of perspective.

    That's all anything is, really.

    And I bet $5 that you could kick my ass. You're a big guy and I curl 5 lbs :p
  15. Sithral Member

    Im glad we agree on something
  16. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    sithral.... two words- Gracie-hughes.

    And if you disagree with me i guess we will just have to grapple to decide who wins.

    Count V= Marine in Special Ops Battalion

    :p i win
  17. Chupin Guest

    You better not fuck with the fellon.
  18. Sithral Member

    You were force recon? Which MEU?

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