Unofficial Darkfall: Unholy Wars Effort

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    Darkfall: Unholy Wars
    Unofficial LotD Chapter
    Release: December 12th, 2012


    After some time and consideration LotD leadership has decided to support a Unofficial Chapter in Darkfall: Unholy Wars. A MMOFPS open world sandbox with full loot, skill based gameplay, sieges, ship battles, and territory control. The Chapter will be lead by a small crew of LotD's core membership, which will be playing at launch on December 12th. Due to the Chapters size our focus will be competitive PVP rather than conquest gameplay. Darkfall: Unholy Wars has been getting a lot of buzz in the gaming community, and should be seeing record launch numbers for a independently published MMOG title. The new Darkfall is almost a completely new game, built on a more advanced game engine. It has been created from the ground up to be more accessible to new players without compromising Darkfall's core features. Long gone are the days of grinding for months just to be competitive. The future of Darkfall and its community looks very promising. Should Darkfall: Unholy Wars and the Unofficial Chapter become a success, LotD might poll membership to see if there is interest in a Official Chapter.

    Currently LotD has refocused its efforts in Guild Wars 2 based on the games recent changes and direction. Guild Wars 2 will remain LotD's Primary Official Chapter for the long term.

    Unofficial Darkfall Chapter Name: First Blood
    Chapter Leader: El Topo

    For more info about Darkfall: Unholy Wars check the below link:

    Darkfall: Unholy Wars Info Thread

    If you wish to join LotD's Unofficial Darkfall Chapter apply below:
    Darkfall Recruitment Forum

    If you are playing Darkfall at Launch

    Sign-up at the Unofficial Darkfall Chapter Website below:
    First Blood

    LotD's Unofficial Darkfall Chapter will also be accepting applications from Friends and Family. To read the Darkfall Chapters Friends and Family requirements check the below link:
    Darkfall Freinds and Family Requirements

    If you are an LotD core member, and wish to try Darkfall before you commit to the Chapter, you can read LotD Darkfall:UW Trial Programs requirements below:
    LotD's Darkfall Trial Program

    Unofficial Darkfall Chapter Guild Meeting - 9pm EST Dec. 11th on our Mumble server
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    Unofficial Darkfall Chapter Guild Meeting - 9pm EST Dec. 11th
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    Darkfall Pre-Order tomorrow.
  4. El Topo Lord

    Darkfall Pre-Orders just opened today. You can pre-order Darkfall: Unholy Wars Here!
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