Update 2.3.0, Prophecy, releases on June 3.

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  1. Sup folks, it's been a while indeed.

    I'm still playing this game. While Perandus was a solid league that made obtaining uniques and create builds with less funding, Prophecy comes out with a slew of improvements to the game, including much needed performance improvements, better balance among a slew of other improvements. Notably, there will be a way to upgrade bad uniques into uniques actually decent enough to take you to endgame.

    Prophecy release page
    Example prophecy chain

    Check them out and see you in there!
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  2. Lastwish Destiny 2

    Guess i've been posting in the wrong section for PoE. Been looking for someone from LotD to play with. Add me up on steam ( Kantermoose )

    Looks like proph changed a lot with the chaos nerf. Wonder how hard my voltaxic build got hit. Gunna try and get into this new league if im not stuck leaving town for work.
  3. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    I might be into a run on the Hardcore League - if we can get enough people.
  4. I play this game regularly. Hit me up if you see me. Character name is AndaIceTrapping.

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