Update on eta for dogfighting module

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Chaotix, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Chaotix Warlord

    So it looks like in a month or so we should see the module launch. Here's a quick summary of what to expect.

    "The dogfighting module will be presented as part of the in-universe fiction and thus will take the form of a space sim called Arena Commanderwhich released to gamers in the year 2944. Players will load into the DFM through their pre-existing hangar module where they'll choose between five alpha game modes: Free Flight, Battle Royale, Squadron Battle, Capture the Core, and Vanduul Swarm (basically a horde mode).Cloud Imperium is including leaderboards and plenty of stats which will show up both on Star Citizen's web-based player and organization profiles as well as in the finished game.

    If you want to see your name in the leader boards get off your tails and get an alpha slot quick. There are less than 2k slots left. I think you can expect those to be gone soon

  2. Dogmatic Banned

    How are alpha slots this moment?
  3. Chaotix Warlord

    Just over 1100 left

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