Uthgarde DAoC Server relaunch Jan 6th

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  1. Glisseal Lord

    Yes but i don't play Uthgard any more......I'm back on live at least till the free month runs out. Live is kinda fuked also....seems that none of these Devs can get it right...argh!
    Most of the core that started at launch are gone from BF. I think they still have some others playing though. Uthgard turned out to be a big disappointed because the devs would't listen. Server runs the best out of all the free shards i've been on.
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  2. Glisseal Lord

    Durning soccer season i don't play as much plus I'm back to work. If you play hib/live i would suggest joining the " Federation of Hiberina". It's a great starter guild and they do lots of pve which is great for someone returning. Afterwards branch some of your toons off into some of the 8 mans to get some good pvp in because FOH isn't all that great at pvp.
  3. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    Gotcha, Yeah, still mess'n round on freeshards for the time being... can't my RR9 animist account opened... I have my bard, but would need to farm all new shit probably.
  4. Ohai Inactive Chapter Member

    i was actually gm of blood feud in beta, but passed it along to them as i wanted to play alb. ended up back on hib but not with them, not the standard of player i like to pvp with if ya know what i mean
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Sometimes I miss some old DAOC, but I wouldn't want to farm up all the RR's again. I ebayed my last account, I think, so it would be a total redo.
  6. Xpade Crowfall Leadership

    So funny.... all the officers of Blood Feud were some of the guild mates from 10-15 years ago playing DAoC. We even chat regularly but somehow Uthgard never came up.... i was just doing /lfg and they hit me up, and here I am now lol. Bard has been pretty fun so far at least, and the grind is nowhere near as shiiiteee as BDO lol (thats a total win for me).
  7. Glisseal Lord

    Nice! but most of those officers if any wern't in BF untill their guilds started falling apart.

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