Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PaulO, May 5, 2010.

  1. Dozel Member

    i agree with the above, liberty should be in the forefront as long as it's not harming anyone else in your pursuit of it.

    and i also beleive that drug smuggling for the truly harsh narcotics into the states is suspect.

    you can't tell me they really smuggle that amount through detection and all by land.

    something is amiss, i smell corruption.
  2. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    fighting stupid with stupid? that's just silly.

    0:30 dog barks
    0:43 door gets kicked in, dog weeps for a second when the door hits him probably in the face, then starts barking
    0:49 one shot fired, dog starts weeping like he's creeping on the ground, swat teams moves to where he seems to be fleeing
    1:04 dog is still weeping in agony, 3 more shots fired, weeping stops

    sorry, doesn't sound like self defense, but that's what we (and you) got courts for

    if by action you mean violence, sorry. sure it feels good to say that you would, but no, you won't. i will assume that you love your wife and kid to not be stupid enough to die or get yourself into jail, which might both result in your wife having a breakdown, kid being taken from her, etc, so, unless you don't give a shit about them, you will decide not to do anything in that fashion.

    instead, you should get a really good lawyer, sue the person who fired, smear him in the media until even his friends are looking weird at him when he's around their kids and pets. you don't live in russia, your system still has ways to hold even swat members accountable for their actions, they don't have immunity.
  3. Shagbot Member

    Yup, and here's a great example of how that system works in America:
  4. Iggy New Member

    I love when people who have never:

    1) Forcibly entered a house
    2) Been attacked by a Big Mean Fucking Dog
    3) Have a shot fired at them in anger

    Are Monday Morning Quaterbacking. Based on their 0 years of Law Enforcement experience.
  5. I would also like to remind you that most of us here are or were in the Military.
  6. PaulO New Member

    Sadly when you say Anarchy the vast majority of people think of civil wars and Somalia.

    Hey, I love this too! I love political discussions despite my zero years of experience holding any office. I love evaluating and tipping my waitress despite zero years of being a female server. I love reviewing movies based on zero years of writing, directing, or producing movies.

    Just curious, but how much experience do you have having your door broken down, dogs shot in front of your kids, and being carried off to jail by militarized men for possession of property they deem immoral?
  7. Pookee Lord

    That shit is scary. 5 and 6 ain't so good either. Actually, 6 will just flat out piss you off and make you wanna slap a pig.
  8. When I say Anarchy I mean the most freedom possible... Basically there are no laws, everyone looks out for themselves and whoever they want to... Pretty much the wiki-definition of Anarchy.

    "# "No rulership or enforced authority."
    # "Absence of government; a state of lawlessness due to the absence or inefficiency of the supreme power; political disorder."
    # "A social state in which there is no governing person or group of people, but each individual has absolute liberty (without the implication of disorder)."
    # "Absence or non-recognition of authority and order in any given sphere."
    # "Acting without waiting for instructions or official permission... The root of anarchism is the single impulse to do it yourself."

    I think it would be interesting to experience it... I'd really like to see how the world would be under such rule-set.
  9. Vatna Member

    Have you been to Somalia?:)
  10. Nope! But I am interested in a more peaceful form of Anarchy. (if it does exist)

    Just let me be a dreamer! :p
  11. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Ever lived in a dorm? Bout as close as you can get, and still have access to McDonalds.
  12. Yearn Lord

    IMO, believing in the possibility of a "peaceful anarchy" belies far too much faith in the true nature of man. Much like communism, it could never work as each functioning member of the system must be perfect in order for the system to be perfect... As we know, that's far from the case.

    As far as the video goes, clearly the officer(s) felt justified in their actions- at least in the heat of the moment. One can only wonder if they'd hold the same conviction during honest retrospection, but I really can't fault them for shooting the dog during such a stressful, potentially dangerous situation. I currently have a pit bull and over the last 10 years have raised at least one of most bully breeds out there, and am very anti- "bully breed stigma." It's most unfortunate for the dog and its family but I can't fault the officer for acting in a manner which, given the pressure of the circumstances, he felt was the best choice with which to preserve the safety of himself and his team.

    Do I believe that it was an avoidable casualty? Absolutely. More so than the execution of the raid, the planning of and possibly the justification behind raiding the house in the first place is suspect. That said, I don't feel that the team is necessarily at fault for acting preemptively versus a potential threat as they have been trained to do.
  13. Dozel Member

    im a fan of a republic and anarchy, i dislike goverment involvement 100%

    well in an anarchy people would have to accept responsibility for their actions.

    right now lots of people just coast along in life and stick away from the responsibility in their life

    in the words of Rick James. cocaine is one helluva drug
  14. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    I skimmed the longer posts but....the first thing these cops did is fired when they entered, watch it again, it was instantly firing at a dog and you heard it whine and run away and then the pit gets it. They didn't have time to be threatened, they eliminated the threat before it had any chance to present itself. They could have done this in the day and civil like....they definetly didn't gather intel.
  15. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  16. Vatna Member

    They said he was a suspected marijuana dealer. Why do they even go after these guys unless they're violent?
  17. Koribundar Inactive Chapter Member

    Because pot is evil. It is the bane of mankind. Excuse me, I have the munchies.
  18. Ardus Member

    I don't completely agree that pot should stay illegal, however, storming the guy's house was enough of a reason to convince him of an arrest, but shooting the dogs was completely over the top. What reason there was for that I have absolutely no idea, unless they thought the dogs were a "danger" and honestly, a simple butt in the head woulda took those dogs down.

    Now you just scarred that kid for life.
  19. Pookee Lord

  20. PaulO New Member

    Somalia has the problem of too many rulers, rather than a lack of rulers as in the classical definition of Anarchy. :p

    Check out:

    For a taste:

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